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  1. Just thought I would post this as an informative post for anyone considering buying a new CRF250L (2017 model) in Thailand. Not sure how many members are actually based in Thailand, but might benefit someone. I recently bought the CRF250L 2017 model and realized that it was 40mm lower both in the front fork and in the back of the bike compared to 2013-2016 models. Apparently Honda decided to lower the 2017 model specifically for the Thai market. For the rear I just changed to a YSS shock since the stock is quite soft anyway, plus no possibility of adjusting anything. This raised the back to desired height. For the front I saw that the upper fork tubes are the same length as previous models (2013-2016), so it was obviously internal. I first changed to an Ohlins spring since I wanted the (below 80kg spring). During the change I could also verify that there was no difference in the lengths of the springs. After a few tries I eventually got the right parts from Honda. So for the front fork you need to change two parts (both are OEM parts used on the 2013-2016 model): 12: ROD 51426-KZZ-901 13: DAMPER, FR. 51430-KZZ-901 And here are the before and after photos:
  2. I would classify myself as a real beginner regarding motorcycles and physics is not my strong suit, so maybe someone could explain this to me. I have installed an EJK, FMF Q4 and K&N air filter, but I also see plenty of people talking about either removing the snorkel or installing a wider one with a bigger hole for increased airflow. But when I look at the CRF250L I see that the throttle body is smaller in diameter then the actual diameter of the stock snorkel, so how would a larger hole/snorkel increase air intake when the current stock sized hole and snorkel already is larger than the throttle body ?
  3. OutandAbout

    Acerbis Gas Tank in Thailand?

    Does anyone know where one could get an Acerbis 3.1 Gallon Gas Tank for the CRF250L in Thailand? Only managed to find a second hand one so far. Buying from abroad puts a 50% customs charge on top of the price, so would prefer to source one locally in Thailand. I am based in Chiang Mai, but anywhere in Thailand would do since shipping is usually not a problem.
  4. OutandAbout

    Acerbis Gas Tank in Thailand?

    Yeah, they are the ones that only have a second hand one in stock currently. Thanks!
  5. I have a CRF250L with FMF Q4 slipon and the 13/42 sprockets. I ride mostly offroad in quite wet areas and often cross rivers, so I am reluctant to drill any holes in the airbox or remove the snorkel, but I did replace the stock air filter with a K&N air filter. Has anyone played around with the settings on the EJK to specifically improve low end power? I don't care bout fuel consumption and I don't ride that much on the highway. So my priority is more power on the lower gears and less lag and deadspots. I have seen the recommendations from EJK, but not sure if these are for general riding (50/50) ? So just curious what others have tried in regards to low end increase.
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    EJK settings for more low end power

    Super! Thanks for the very informative response, just what I was after.