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  1. Bear trap

    2018 drz400sm

    http://www.fullnoise.com.au/new_products/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_full&product_id=1068&Ntitle=New Product%3A 2018 DR-Z400SM Is Here Bold new graphics!
  2. Bear trap

    Looking for some bar riser advise

    Can I stack risers? I'm 6'4". I was looking at trying the 2" pivoting rox risers with the idea that if I needed it, I could add another riser (non pivoting). Now I'm wondering if I should just get the 3.5" rox risers.
  3. I'm 6'4". I'm definitely going to get the seat concepts seat. I'm just debating about getting the standard or the tall. I have an SM, but I'd like to get some dirt rims eventually so I can do some light dirt riding on weekends. I'd like some more room from my pegs to my seat, so my legs are less bent. But I already sit so high on the bike I wonder if the tall seat would put me too high up. Anyone regret getting the tall seat? Thanks
  4. Bear trap

    Chain brush for oring chain

    After painstakingly cleaning my chains with toothbrushes for years I decided to get a proper chain brush. I bought the moose racing brush. Looks similar to the grunge brush revzilla sells. My concern is that the plastic bristles are much stiffer than a toothbrush. Is it possible to damage orings in my chain with stiff plastic bristles? Or is anything softer than wire safe?
  5. Bear trap

    Next set of tires drz400sm

    Can anyone comment how the Avon trail riders compare to the stock dunlops on pavement?
  6. I want to put at least a 2" pivoting riser on my 2015 sm. bars and clamps are currently stock. I was looking at using this powermadd riser for 1-1/8 bars: http://www.powermadd.com/products/PowerRiser475.html I was considering this instead of the rox risers because I won't have to relocate my ignition. But the obvious issue is that the top plate of the stock clamp won't accommodate the riser. Are there individual top clamps that will work with the stock set up? (I would prefer not to cut the stock plate). Or should I just go with the rox riser? Any other pivoting riser suggestions would be appreciated also. Thanks
  7. Bear trap

    Model selection advice

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not totally married to the sm. If I found a killer deal on an s I would consider that too. Though I can't deny that I prefer the look of the sm... I agree - the less mods the better when I'm looking at used. Just wondering if these bikes have common issues that I should be looking for. I've read about counter shaft seal and water pump leak issues. I take it that the cam chain tensioner issues were only with the early models?
  8. Bear trap

    Model selection advice

    Thanks for the helpful advice! Is there anything specific to these bikes that I should be checking closely when buying used?
  9. Bear trap

    Model selection advice

    Hello all, I know this topic has been discussed to death, but I'm looking to buy a DRZ and I'm looking for some advice on my selection. I'm looking for a set up for pavement and dirt roads/ logging roads. Almost no single track riding. I'm thinking that I will get the sm and put 17" dirt tires like shinkos on. I don't expect this to perform off road. The reality is that half of my miles will be pavement commuting, but I'd like performance on rough dirt roads. Basically, I am looking for a fun, cheap, light(ish), commuter/adv set up. I'd like the ability to do some very limited off road stuff, but I don't expect any performance with this set up. If I want more off road performance in the future, I would consider getting a second set of wheels. (I am aware of the issues with the sm brakes for off-roading.) One concern with the sm is that I'm tall (6'4"). I've only ever sat on an S and I wonder if the sm will be noticeably shorter... I'm looking to buy something used. From what I have read there hasn't been much change over the years. But are there any years that should be avoided? Thanks for your help!