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  1. Dirt Monster

    What’s it worth?

    I’m in California
  2. Dirt Monster

    What’s it worth?

    Thanks for the reply guys I got a lot of great feedback. Yeah it is missing the air box and side plates but what i meant is that is was in bad condition not running and and we fixed it to excellent running condition and replaced a lot of parts and such. From what I got from you guys is that is worth from 1k-3k at best. If you guys have any other advice for me please let me know.
  3. Dirt Monster

    What’s it worth?

    Hey I just finished restoring a Suzuki 1978 RM400 with a neighbor. Does anyone know what it’s worth?
  4. Hello, I recently bought an old Suzuki Rm400. The guy said it was a 1979 but his posting said 1978. The first pic was the number in the motor. And the second pic is the number on the frame . It reads rm400-105066. I couldn't find anything to correspond with the numbers. Thanks for your help!