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  1. Chris2A

    Putoline Ice cooler

    I had the same question and emailed Putoline's sales direct. This was their response: Our Putoline Ice Cooler product, is a ready for use product and it is NOT needed to add extra water. It gives a frost protection up to -/- 26 degrees. I know this isn’t really useful for South-Africa, but when you dilute this product with water, the mixing ratio will also change for the anti-corrosion additives in this product. So our advice is to use it pure, or maximum 2/3 Ice Cooler and 1/3 demineralized water. This will give you a frost protection up-to -/- 12 degrees with still enough anti-corrosion properties to protect all metal parts in your engine and cooling system. https://www.putoline.com/en/catalogue/product/379/ice-cooler/1965/ Best Regards, Bernard Voortman Export Sales Manager
  2. Chris2A

    2003 WR450 eats electric starters.

    Hi there! I bought a 2007 WR450 in September 2016. Previous owner told me the battery was flat and just needed a charge. Needless to say that I’m now sitting with the same problem as you. Mine would not start (cold start with choke on) with a fully charged battery. Seems that the battery is just not powerfull enough. After a hour’s ride it will randomly start just fine with the starter button and then sometimes not. Again it sounds like the battery does not have enough power to turn the engine over even if the battery is fully charged. (Battery was checked and being brand new, it was fine) What was strange to me is that when the starter seems to fail to turn the engine all the way, I kicked it and then you can clearly hear the starter doing some turning as well! I have not really going into the problem cause at 45years age I still manage to kick pretty well…lol! It does get pretty tiring though, especially when helping the kids getting through sand and ruts all the time and I have to kill my engine every now and then. Any suggestions where I could look for the problem? Thanks a bunch in advance!