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  1. VTHusky

    FE501 Clutch Not Disengaging

    Well isn't this embarrassing, I may have answered my own question already. Wet clutch bathed in cold thick oil is natural going to have some excess friction. I let it warm up to full operating temp to check for leaks around the new slave, and all is well again, nothing more than the typical light drag. At least it gave me an excuse to make the swap. For anyone making the switch to an Oberon CLU-1000 slave, I had some minor clearance issues between the banjo bolt and the block. Just rounded the bolt head corners a bit in the grinding wheel and all is well again. Figured I'd mention it as it might save someone taking it off again to pull the bolt.
  2. Has anyone had issues with their FE501 clutch not fully disengaging? Mine is a 2017, about 1000 miles on it, 80% of it off road. I had already ordered the Oberon slave due to worries about the Magura unit failing. Issue just started after a recent ride, with the only difference being that day two was far colder than day 1. I figured it might be the slave so I just replaced and bled the Oberon unit, but the issue remains. The lever feels smooth and I can see the clutch moving through the oil filler, but exactly the same as pre-change, not enough to fully disengage. It doesn't stall at idle with the clutch pulled, but it won't release fully, and won't roll at all with the engine off unless in neutral. All in all not a major problem, but it wasn't like this before. I bought it in February (I live in VT), so my first rides were just as cold as now (low 40's), and was fine all summer, but it was the only major change between day one and two (other than the typical abuse a dirtbike takes being ridden hard). I haven't done anything with the master, but it bled easy and appears to hold what movement it does produce without fading.
  3. VTHusky

    17' FE501 SM Reliability

    For those running a supermoto setup, what size rear tires are you running?
  4. VTHusky

    Dust and mud inside blinker?

    Dirt in the rear blinkers has been normal for my 501, worse in muddy conditions. Fronts have remained spotless inside though. I've been considering trying a small o-ring or sealant, as I think it's just pushing past where the lens meets the housing; not much of a seal there at all.
  5. VTHusky

    Seat Concepts Seat w/ Pan - 2017 FE 501

    Thanks for the pics. As long as it fits solid and flush - and straight - when mounted on the bike, that's what's important to me. I'm not that good working with fabric either, the idea of installing the new foam and cover properly is not something I was really looking forward to anyway.
  6. Has anyone ordered the seat concepts seat with the aftermarket pan? I'm curious as to how well the pan fits on the bike. I'm going back and forth on the value of keeping my stock seat intact, maybe for the occasional competition use, but for the most part the softer wider seat will be staying on.
  7. Anyone experience the problem of their FMF muffler not fitting flush with the rear mount? I can torque it down as noted in the instructions, but that's putting one hell of a lateral load on the header pipe. Alternative is washers or a spacer, but don't want to rig this up if this isn't right.
  8. Is there any trick to removing the end cap on the stock exhaust? You just remove all the end cap bolts on the outside and pull it our, right? I'm trying to avoid getting it off without marring it up too bad, but it's not very cooperative.
  9. VTHusky

    '17 Husky 501 Airboot Reed Removal Report

    I honestly don't know what MAP I have compared to others (as my FI light is always on, dealer referred to it as EURO 4), but it ran fine bone stock, well other than it running lean and flaming out at no load decel regularly. Hoping it doesn't lean out too much with the reed cage out and new muffler, as it doesn't look like the fuel tuner is out yet for the 17 Husky, just the EXC (maybe they're the same but all previous years appear to have different part numbers for KTM vs. Husky).
  10. Gunslinger- Where did you decide to send yours? Can you PM me the location? I'm in the northeast and had mine remapped, but I'm not happy with the one I ended up with as it leaves the FI light on, and I'm just not comfortable with that.
  11. VTHusky

    '17 Husky 501 Airboot Reed Removal Report

    To share a bit of experience from today's efforts, it appears that the shape of the intake boot is a bit different on the FE501's, as the reed cage is somewhat surrounded by the side of the intake boot on the left side, making it more difficult to access - almost looks like it was mounted further down the inlet track. I didn't see a way to remove it as it could not come straight out before contacting the lip around the air box. I ended up just taking the boot out to allow it to slide out without risking a tear, which was not particularly difficult to do, and this allowed me to reshape the boot enough to slide the cage right out. Still haven't taken it for a test ride, single digits today and another snowstorm on its way, but i can see why it would be bogging at higher RPM's given the amount of restriction this thing must be putting on the intake.
  12. VTHusky

    '17 Husky 501 Airboot Reed Removal Report

    I'll try just opening the exhaust after the cage is out and see how it is before putting the FMF on, and will post results. Unfortunately it's 6 degrees here, so not exactly the conditions I'll normally be riding in. Hopefully it warms up enough for a test ride not affected by abnormally cold dense air.
  13. Thanks SC and Wadzy, good to know I'm taking the right route.
  14. I tried the google, not much, but I'm at the mercy of the dealers translation. I'll say that its easy to get frustrated trying to get these tuned to where you want them to be. Part of me wishes I went with just a TPS adjustment and called it a day, but something about living with a map that the bike really wasn't developed to have drove my decision to get it done ASAP. Bone stock it was obviously running so lean as to make me concerned about longevity, especially with as much low speed woods riding I'll be doing and how hot it ran the first time I had it out. It also made any exhaust mods a no-go. It seems like map options are starting to trickle out, but a lot of inconsistency as to what's available depending on where you are.
  15. VTHusky

    '17 Husky 501 Airboot Reed Removal Report

    So you just pulled the whole assembly out and that's it? Nothing to put back in or any gaps to seal? I have a remapped FE 501 with the same bogging issues, was told removing the cage and replacing the muffler were must do items to eliminate, and am planning to tackle the reed cage tomorrow.