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    Old Pit Bike Problems. Need some help please

    Well, after some tinkering, I got the bike to run just fine. Turns out the float in the carb was stopping all fuel flow. I simply bent one of the metal tacks that limit how far the float hangs, and that did it, but now... now I have learned that the rear tire had a small puncture that quickly turned into a tear. Great.
  2. Hello there, people. (Please note I am 15 years old) A few years ago, one of my fathers' friends gave him an old "Pit Bike". It would run, but stalls almost instantly, needs new rear brake linkage, new front rim, adjusted throttle tension... but other than that it's great! I've looked all over the internet to try to find the manufacturer, but to no avail. The closest I could get (appearance wise) was a Kawasaki KX60, which makes buying new parts difficult. I replaced the air filter, fuel tank, spark plug, and fixed the throttle cable. Now, I'm on the task of cleaning the carburetor. My father is a mechanic in the Coast Guard and could probably tell me exactly what's wrong just by looking at the bike himself, but he wants me to figure everything out on my own, which can be frustrating, which is my reason for being here. I have cleaned the float bowl, disassembled the float... mechanism that stops the fuel from flooding the carb and cleaned it, making sure it was put back exactly how it was, and after a few more times ripping the bike apart, it started. Well... I guess you could say it IDLED... for about 25 seconds before going max throttle and dying. (I did not touch the bike) I've been troubleshooting the possible problems, as well as learning about the fuel jets, which I think I found, but I don't want to mess up the bike beyond repair, without buying all new parts. After attempting to fiddle with the AIR / FUEL screws on the carb, the bike gave promising results, before dying, and not starting again. I have spent countless hours researching what to do and fiddling with the bike trying to at least get it back to idling, but with no success. Again, I have no information on the bike so if you need photos, I will add them. If anyone could possibly help at all, please leave suggestions and/or helpful tips... I'm just kinda lost. Thank you, all.