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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for all of the great information guys! This forum is awesome!! I had never thought about an enduro bike simply because I've always had the motocross bikes in the past. Thinking about it though, that may be the route to go for now? Then once I get a feel back for it if I wanted to hit up some mx tracks I could always get a dedicated mx bike at that time. Definitely something to think about! Thanks again for all the great information to go through! Greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you may have some advice for me. I used to ride dirt bikes for fun (on bayous, neighborhood trails, around the family ranch, etc) back when I was in high school and college. Always just had little two stroke 125's.... Well then life happened and I didn't ride or have a bike for the past ten years. Soooo, now I recently bought a new house with a bayou behind me and tons of dirt bike trails all around. So naturally, I'm looking at getting back into riding. However, I can't decide what kind of bike I should get. I dont really want to shell out the coin for a brand new bike that will just be ridden on the bayous and trails just for fun... especially when the wife and I have a new baby on the way. So I've been looking on Craigslist mostly. Anyways, here's my delima / question.... It seems now days four strokes are the thing? I mean I don't even see that Honda even makes a two stroke bike any longer? I like the idea of the four stroke bring easier to ride and not having to mix gas and stuff also. BUT, I read that the 250 four strokes tend to not last very long (a concern since I'll probably be buying off of craigslist) and honestly I'm not sure if I could or couldn't handle a 450 after all these years. I also understand that rebuilding a four stroke motor is far more expensive than rebuilding a two stroke. So I could potentially spend a few thousand bucks on a bike from a person only to have it need to be rebuilt a month or two later and then have that cost another 1000- 2000 bucks. Is that about right? Are the 450's really that much more bullet proof? I guess my other option would be to go two stroke where at least even if it does need to be rebuilt soon after buying Its only going to cost me 500 bucks or so right? Sorry for the long write up! I'm just really having a hard time figuring out my best path. Any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated! Also feel free to correct me if anything I've said is incorrect! Thanks again!! ps... I'm looking at CRF's, YZF's, and YZ's... would also consider KTM but their aren't many for sale around me.