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    Hi. Short thread hijack calling for 2017 CRF450R owners - I'm trying to import the bike's engine in a dirtbike simulator I'm playing (MX Bikes if curious) but I can't get my hands on some engine info. I'm especially looking for the primary drive ratio and the first gear ratio. I think I have the rest after looking at the OEM parts chart (secondary is 13/49 and the 2nd to 5th gear ratios are on there). Even specialized parts manufacturers don't list those. Any help would be appreciated. I suppose it's written on owner's manual but I can't locate one. Thanks a bunch Edit: got pointed at a website I didn't know (shame on me) that had the info: http://www.dirtrider.com/2017-honda-crf450r-crf450rx-announced#page-19 Case closed