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    Hey there I just back into riding after a 10 year hiatus of racing mountain bikes. I just became a NETRA member again and was curious about your club. I tried to go the pine tree trail riders domain and it seams its for sale? Anywho I would like to get more involved and would love to participate in upcoming trail rides, and learn more about where to ride without making a bunch of ATV riders hate my two wheeled sport even more then they already do. I'm originally from NH where I grew up riding and still to this day it does not have the insane restrictions that Maine seams to have, it also doesn't seem to cater to the four wheelers and sidebysides the way Maine does. So I'm really timid in trying to go ride as I don't want to be somewhere I'm not supposed to be.
  2. Hi there I have a quick question and just was hoping to get some feed back and see what people are running out there for spring rates. (I know this has been beating to death - but the fact of the matter is i rarely ever see someone respond to these that lists there weight what they are running and their sag settings) Below is a little information about myself. Bike: 2012 KTM 250 XCF-W w/stock springs. Myself: 185 lbs w/out gear Gear: boots, knee braces, pants, jersey, roost guard, helmet, hydration pack w/ tools and 1.5 L of water Riding: I live in new England and mostly be ride single track, rooty, rocky terrain, some hare-scrambles and a enduro or two. So I ordered a Factory Connection FCW-2 per factory connections recommendation, the shock i will not have re-valved this year due to a budget. was this the right call?? Next question is...my fork has the stock springs in it which i believe are the .42's (or so i have been told by factory connection) Some people have told me that these springs will be fine for what i am doing, obviously not if i went out and Rode MOTO with it. Others have said that i should have .44's in it and some people like race tech have suggested .46's which i think are way too stiff. I am looking for some general opinions on this and keep in mind my weight listed above. My goal is to have optimal sag settings , I feel that giving the bike weight vs. the spring rate vs. the rider weight you should be able to just say "this is the spring" i need to obtain for optimal freesag and optimal rider sag. Obviously valving comes into play as well. Cheers, Chad