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  1. crackerjac

    Athena MONSTER Big Bore Kit 14.75:1

    Better carb recommendations and jet sizes for said carb? So something like this would work with the big bore kit well? http://www.webcamshafts.com/pages_vehicles/motorcycle/honda_install_data/tc_000918_003123.html
  2. crackerjac

    Athena MONSTER Big Bore Kit 14.75:1

    It's actually a Mikuni clone, VM26. (does measure 30mm) I changed out the jetting to 120 main /30 pilot and ported the intake on the head to match. It woke up the motor quite a bit. Where's the cheapest place to get a cam?
  3. crackerjac

    Athena MONSTER Big Bore Kit 14.75:1

    So on a stock CRF230F the big Bore kit is not worth it for trail riding? What cam do you recommend with this kit then? I'm running a Mikuni 30mm carb
  4. Very old thread but does anyone know if any of these kits are still available and where?
  5. crackerjac

    03 YZ250F front caliper bracket interchange?

    Just to clarify, any year of YZ caliper "bracket" except 08+?
  6. I did a search but didn't find any concrete info. I need to find a front caliper bracket for my 03 YZ250F and I was wondering what other years and models interchange?
  7. So it's been a year, how did the paint hold up?
  8. crackerjac

    Another 230cc CRF conversion question

    Thanks for the reply's. I guess when I really think about it the centrifugal torque on the back of the motor could be enormous under certain circumstances so it looks like I'll be making a box/C type mount adapter for the back. It's too bad I had to offset the motor for sprocket alignment making the left side rear mounts lineup in-front of the swingarm rather than a direct shot to the pivot bolt. Just means offsetting the bracket design a bit, not a big deal. Chuck, I'm pretty sure I read some of your build details from way back but I was wondering if you have any pics of the rear mount you came up with? I have a pretty good idea as to what I'll make but sometimes seeing what others have done makes you consider things you don't think of until it's too late.
  9. I'm obviously new to the forum so hello. Like those that have also done this conversion - Before you ask why I'll say because I can . I need some opinions on frame mounts. I'm using a Zongshen 250 (232) air cooled motor and a 05 Honda 450X frame for a trail bike build. I was wondering if it would be strong enough to have just the head stay mounted, the two front (red) engine mounts, and the rear lower (blue) mounts mounted to the frame but leave the top rear mount (green) unmounted? Otherwise I will be doing what others have done and make a C - type bracket for the back mounts that attaches to the rear swingarm pivot bolt. It just wouldn't look as clean and more of a pain to remove and install.
  10. crackerjac

    CRF200R conversion

    Ummm, 8~12 year old thread I know but in the land of Google search it's here forever, lol. Is CharlieT still on this board or does anyone have any contact info for him? I have some questions regarding this old build he did. Cheers. C