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  1. Hello ladies and gents -- Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been following a lot of threads here, and seems to always have good, candid advice, so I figured I would ask you guys for suggestions. Back in Nov. I crashed hard mtn biking and had a grade 5 shoulder separation and ruptured CC ligaments and AC joint tear. Mandatory surgery the next week. One of the most painful injuries I have had, and I have had a few. Followed doc/PT guidance exactly, 2.5 months out, everything is feeling great. Then one day I get some excruciating pain, a new bump on the top of my shoulder. See the doc, take x-rays, shoulder dropped 3mm, and one of the screws backed out of the bone. Doc says I need to just give it time, take a break from PT, and see if the new cadaver tendon heals to the bone. Pain has decreased significantly in the past week, but still sore. I know he used a fibrous cable to pull the shoulder/chest bone back together, then drilled it into the bone. Wondering if one of the screws coming out effects that? I dont mind the bump on my shoulder (he confirmed it was a screw), or it hanging a little lower, I just want to do anything i can to avoid going back under the knife. ROM is still good, just weaker. I dont want to have a shoulder that is more susceptible to injury in the future, that would be a mental block when getting back into it. Anyone ever has this surgery or experienced something similar? Thanks in advance for the advice, its bumming me out since ski season is out, bike season is out, and likely motoX as well.