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  1. Ok new tensioner installed, timing set....drum roll please ....ignition & BRAAAAP! Back in business! Still has me puzzled on why a brand new factory one would have only given me 10 minutes ride time before it bled down but... Timing chain tensioner issues should be a thing of the past as long as I keep up on the adjustment of the new manual one ? Like a lot have said, ditch the hydraulic style for a manual....I wasted time and money with a factory replacement. To think that I had two factory ones fail me and no marriage of internal parts becoming one together aka piston & valves; a Blessed guy right here!
  2. KTM73

    Advice on Sprockets for KLX110L

    No advice from any klx110 guys?
  3. KTM73

    Advice on Sprockets for KLX110L

    Recently purchased a '12 KLX110"L" for my son. We are practicing on a local MX track every week. This is his first dirtbike and he is doing great. Bike is STOCK I don't think this bike being completely stock is quite geared for MX tracks lol. He is having difficulty getting enough speed up when he comes out of the berms and hitting the jump face. When in the berms, 1st gear is just too low; if he's in 2nd, he can make it through the berms & ruts, all be it with a little bit of lugging. Then coming out of the berms, he just doesn't seem to have the needed rpm's before he hits the jump face. Now I know he's still learning the throttle along with everything else and the bike might be capable,...but my little boy maybe not quite there yet. He's getting a little air on the jumps, just not as much as he's capable of....and he wants to jump more! Bike has a 38T rear...was thinking of a 40 or 41T rear sprocket. We will eventually add some other mods as he learns the bike & thought this might help him out for now. What do you guys think?
  4. My new manual timing chain tensioner will be in tomorrow I hope. I went with the nihilo concepts with the oil plug. http://www.nihiloconcepts.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=NMCT-BLK Thanks for the suggested part KathleanTribeMotocross. Anyone know if theres a way to check oil pressure in the motor? And if so, what's the pressure supposed to be? My understanding that if I didn't have decent oil pressure then the cams would have seized up.... It's just hard to think that after the original tensioner collapsed, and then replacing it with a brand new one, it would do the same thing within 10 minutes of ride time. Now, the motor did run on its side for a few seconds after laying it over. Think that's why it might have collapsed? Just think how many times guys fall off these ktms and their still running. I'm just confused on how this is happening... Hope the new manual tensioner fixes my issues.
  5. Ok then I will order a manual tensioner with the oil plug to force more oil to the top of the motor like the nihilo tensioner design.
  6. Ok then I will order a manual tensioner with the oil plug to force more oil to the top of the motor like the nihilo tensioner design.
  7. Why do you think that a brand new one would collapse so quickly.....after 15 minutes of riding? I understand theach design is not great. Anyone think there's ano oil pressure issue and that's why it's collapsing? Any way to figure out if there's an issue with the oil pump? I will definitely go with a manual tensioner.
  8. I was looking at those KathleanTribeMotocross.... Just wondering if I'm having a oil pressure issue with motor? Not sure how to figure that out and don't know if the pumps ever go out or wear out.
  9. So I've been working through some issues with my recently purchased 2014 sxf 250 ( can see my active posts for past issues but will give a quick overview)..... The bike had a new top end with maybe 30 minutes on it when I purchased. After I originally purchased the bike, I only got about 30-40 minutes of ride time before the timing chain tensioner collapsed on me. The timing jumped a tooth and wouldn't start. I purchased a factory replacement and installed, reset timing and all was good (next I ran into a fuel pressure regulator issue where the regulator diaphragm deteriorated....& have now fixed that issue). Replaced the entire fuel system along with new regulator. Rode bike around easy for 15 minutes or so and no problems....was excited I finally got her figured out!...but then...geeezzzz Now to my next problem and a revisit to my first problem. Took bike out today after its been torn apart for the last month dealing with & diagnosing the issues. Made it about 10 minutes down the trail, approached a very sandy berm, going to hot, I blew out the berm and laid bike over on its left side ( nothing bad at all, just laid down). Bike was still running...I hit the kill switch and lifted the bike up. It was maybe running on its side for 5 seconds or so before I lifted it up. I went to start it again (electric start) and just a click...every time I tried to start, just a click. Bike wouldn't roll forward or reverse unless clutch was engaged. Buddy towed me back to my truck. Same symptoms as the original collapsed timing chain tensioner, only difference was that this time I laid bike over. Get home, pulled the valve cover to see the cams, pulled the case plug and turn motor over manually. Could see the timing chain look like it was about to jump & then "CLICK " !!!! The hydraulic timing chain tensioner was evidently collapsed & popped back open! This is a brand new factory tensioner with maybe 15 minutes time on it. I know the factory ones are an issue but a brand new one shouldn't have issues after 10-15 minutes run time. Do you guys think I'm having a oil pressure issue? There was oil on the upper valvetrain & under valve cover when I removed it for inspection & never heard any odd sounds coming from motor, never lost power. Should I install a new oil pump assembly? along with a MANUAL adjustment tensioner to get away from the hydraulic style? Are there any known issues with the factory oil pumps? I know they have had issues with the factory tensioner. Thanks for any and all suggestions guys!
  10. Ok so I fixed the issue with my sxf dying. It was a bad fuel pressure regulator. The factory one evidently deteriorated from sitting for so long ( with possible ethanol fuel that had been sitting in tank). Diaphragm inside the regulator was rotted away. New one installed and starts right up. No wonder to my next issue.....timing chain tensioner issues...see my next post on this topic.
  11. Yes I plan on it...if I can find it seperate from the entire fuel pump assembly.... But shouldn't I be able to move the internal plunger by pushing on it with a small screw driver making the spring inside compress and expand ? If I could trouble shoot it and figure that out, I would definitely know if this one is faulty or not...because I can't get anything inside it to move at all.
  12. I double posted fuel pressure regulator question How do I delete this post?
  13. I have another post titled SXF dies when throttle given. I think ive narrowed it down to the fuel pressure regulator but need someone who is familiar with the way the regulator operates to clarify some things. Pulled my 250 sxf regulator out. Added "slight air pressure" to o-ring port and get air coming out the top. Added about 65psi air to the side pipe and no air flows and or comes out any port. Shouldn't I be able to take a punch, screw driver or similar tool and push the plunger inside from the o-ring side and compress the internal spring??? I can't get anything inside to move, no matter what end I push from with a tool. It's my understanding the fuel pressure enters the o-ring port, builds pressure, collapses diaphragm spring and allows full to exit the side pipe. If more than 50psi builds, it bleeds out the top and excess fuel dumps back into the tank. Is this the correct process?
  14. I called my local KTM dealer today & ran everything by them thats going on. They seem to think fuel pressure regulator but until they check it out, they can't say for sure. Funny thing is, it's almost cheaper to "throw" parts at it in hopes of figuring it out than it is to take on the dealer labor rates and their parts cost. Try to picture this if you will.... I bench tested the factory fuel pump without the fuel pressure regulator (just the pump). It was pushing 60psi. Reinstalled the factory pump with brand new filters. Tried pressure testing the fuel line that exits the tank (where the fuel line quick disconnect is) and not seeing much pressure. I installed new pump in tank & reassembled everything . Tested for fuel pressure at same disconnect location and same result. There is some pressure in the line but not really registering much on pressure gauge. Can I even test pressure at this location and get an accurate reading? Also do they offer just the pressure regulator without purchasing the entire hose/harness assembly?
  15. Ok now the new fuel pump is installed. Went to start and same thing, just turns over. Hit with starter fluid and it starts just like before but dies when throttle applied. Decided to adjust the TPS. I just swung it one direction and with a little starter fluid, it starts up and keeps running, even when given throttle. If I turn it off, it requires starter fluid to get it started again but then keeps running. This is with the TPS fully swung to one side. If I swing the TPS back while it's running, it will start chugging and die. I tested the fuel pressure again with new pump. The test was at the quick disconnect. Barely moves the pressure gauge. This is the same thing the factory pump was doing....so maybe the factory pump was ok after all. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator has gone bad? The TPS deal has me puzzled why it runs with it fully swung. I haven't tested the volts on the TPS yet. Seems like pump side I have the pressure I need but coming out of tank I don't. ANY IDEAS .....I'M GOING CRAZY WITH THIS LOL