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  1. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    Yes it is fiesable to switch back and fourth. All it takes is about an hour or so. I switch when I'm planning a day in the dirt with friends on dirtbikes. Now it made it a lot easier that I put a 320mm front rotor on both my supermoto and dirt wheels so I don't have to take off my caliper bracket and speed sensor. As far as price I paid little under 1k for the wheels, rotors and supermoto kick stand from warp 9. And I think i paid $320 for both tires.
  2. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    No I did not
  3. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    I wanted to run the 5 and run a 160 rear but didn't feel like dealing with clearance issues from the side wall of the tire and my chain that's why I went with the 4.25. If later I feel like it I will order the 5. I am running a 4.25 with a 140 rear next I will try a 150.
  4. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    When you order the wheels you have to write in the comments that it is a 2016 not a 2015. I called them about the 2016 model not being on there. Theyear just haven't updated the site yet. And yes I ordered 17X4.25. The difference from the 2016 and 2015 is the axle is a few mm smaller.
  5. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    I ended up taking the bike back to the dealer to look at it and the speed sensor is to far away from the magnite. I tried to space it over but was way to close to the rotor. They said probably best way is to have the hole for the speed sensor counter sunk until it is able to pick up and work.
  6. HusqMoto

    2016 Husqvarna fe501s supermoto

    Hello all im haveing a slight problem with my speed sensor in have a 2016 husqvarna fe501s I just put warp 9 wheels on it and can not get the speed sensor to sense the magnite to tell the speed. Warp 9 then sent me a new magnite. Just put that on and still no luck with it. I tried to calibrate the speedo and nothing. Reset the computer nothing anyone have any ideas!!!! Help please...