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  1. I just noticed that those are the same V-drums that I have. same model anyways, I just used them last night to record a reggae groove for my homey, after we had a jam sesh yesterday and he was complaining that I would probably forget how it went. it's on my youtube channel temporarily just until I get back home and delete it. check it if you interested in hearing a little LB reggae stylee.
  2. Yeah so we're here in Vegas for the endurocross opener. It should be interesting..
  3. Here's how the front end came out.
  4. 1000 miles... It's just barely getting broken in. When it heats up it works great riding the ditches and skateparks here around my hometown. I'm not expecting to ride off road till next month so only city enduro for now; streets, alleys, paths, bridges, railways, stairs and such... probably wayyy too many places I'm not even supposed to be at. probably gonna do an irc evo and a fatty next month, and start weekend warrioring the dez with my familia when it's cool... I might even keep her off the streets for a while??? I've been surfing and exercising alot lately, so She's just been chilling, waiting for her time with me... my 2017 beta 500 rr-s has never had any kickstand issues with tipping over and Ive never dropped or crashed her, although I did scratch her up in a small avalanche that we rode out of, and also on some big boulders on a couple of gnarley trails, so I'm cool with the kickstand end. although I am careful with how I prop her up. I dropped my harley because of a junky aftermarket kickstand that folded itself under normal street use, so Ive learned to be careful with my bikes. Sometimes I might use a stick or rock to increase the footprint but it always works out in the end and I've had no worries. Heres another video just to keep things spiced up. mellow ride but it was cool
  5. sounds cool mann, I could use a good ride. Let me know when and where. I watched some of your videos too. I'd like to ride some of those spots, they look like alot of funn, and thats all that matters.
  6. I've got a 2017 Beta 500 rr-s, and it's hard not to ride. Get a second air filter so you're always ready to rip. Change them out early and often. This way the efi stays in tip top shape, plus your valves will thank you. Keep a few oil filters and oil on hand because they can be a pain to find in a pinch. I like running the stock motul stuff, and I also like using the paper filters. New tires are a good idea too. But the stockers work and wear pretty good on the street, and they're not bad for the southern california desert races and off road stuff that I've done with them, At least when they had some meat on em'. There hasn't been one single instance that I thought "Aww mann, if only I had a different set of tires, that would be sweet." Instead just mess with air pressure, clicker settings and shred em down, maybe do a revalve if you feel the need. The stock suspension is very plush and I like it. The stock skid-plate kicks ass in the rocks. I've got lots of stick marks on mine from sliding over and around these kinds of stuffs. I like plastic skid-plates better than aluminum because its slicker and slides better. A linkage skidplate is a good idea, just because the bike is so capable it will have you trying stuff you wouldnt attempt on your old bike. My linkage and shock also has quite a few stick marks too. I want to try the obie one, more than the fastway one, but both are cool. The billet rear brake clevis is a good idea, and it will improve rear brake feel, especially if you like popping wheelies. I gotta tell you though, the stock rear brake clevis is Junque... I feel that there is a real need to get some steel oil pump gears in the crankcase because then the only worry with the engine is valve checks and oil changes maybe clutch plates too. The clutch is freaking great on my 2017, but I abuse the heck out of it. At speed the bike is pretty stable and I really haven't felt the need for a steering stabilizer. I'm sure it would help, But I'm not trying to add any unnecessary weight. heres a quick video to check out my bike in action The bike really doesnt need much, if anything. Also dont be afraid to ride the bike, but it does need to be taken apart and greased, and anti-sieze treated.
  7. California

    I wanna ride
  8. wow that looks like soo much funn I should go to oregon
  9. My 2017 500 rr-s had a charcoal canister. but now it sits on a shelf in my garage.
  10. Use a big socket like a 24mm and take the triangle off of the bike. Then take it over to the vice and use a punch thru the middle and knock off the opposite seal into the big socket, then flip it over and push the other end out with your thumb. Be careful with the needle bearings, If they fall out you can still put them back. I cleaned the old grease out with some brake cleaner and then brushed in some high-temp grease.The shock end is a little different but still the same. I used a tiny little brush and got as much grease as I could get in there. Torque it back up like the manual says. And now it's good
  11. yeah dude, the license plate got a bit of rock rash, so I had to modify it a little bit and get it out of harms way. I fixed it. I'm still on the fence about a kickstart delete: I dont like the kickstarter anymore. I have e-start. The kickstarter looks dumb. The kicker gets in the way. It adds weight. But now, I can kick it over at will. I don't like being out in the boonies without a kicker. I dont like using the kicker as long as the e button works. but what if the e-button doesnt work. That would suck. But heres a question to ponder: Would the kickstarter work if the e start doesnt? Will the bike run if the battery dies?
  12. check my: this is our 125 and 500 thread. Tim from beta sent me a scematic and its on one of those pages. but be prepared to translate as it's in Italian.
  13. Yeah thats my turn signal, I got 2 of em. Plus theres 2 more just like em on the rear mudflap. 5 bucks a pop and easily found at your local automotive parts chain store. I decided to use 16amp mini rocker switches to keep things looking super sano for that factory touch. I now have my long awaited blackout switch which is the red one thats gonna usually be left on, and I also have the manual fan over-ride switch that is wired to work wether the radiator thermocouple is working or not. So the fan override switch is actually redundant to the stock switch. I also cut off the connectors to the thermocouple and soldered the wires directly to it. F-it Everything is soldered and shrinkwrapped except for the few quick release connectors that I designed into the circuits.. Yeah that's Valentina's keychain. I know it's whack, but it's been with us since day 1 and it's all we got. I was really trying to shoot video while I was wrenching, but it was much harder than I thought. I was basically researching and turning wrenches at the same time and then adding a gopro to the mix that kept needing to be charged was a little overwhelming. So I just decided F-it, and got to work. I was trying to get through it quickly and thoroughly. And I did, but it still took me most of the last 2-3 days. At least I didnt end up with any left over parts. I almost did though. This is the first time in my life that I've ever tried filming my lifes activities, and it's much more challenging than I had previously thought. And then add in the editing and exporting and dude it can really take a while. But in spite of all this, I still feel that I am pretty lucky, because I can wrench on my bike right next to my computer, and also in a nice a/c'd room. and still take breaks to jamm out on some guitar. whilst meditating on it. The valve check isn't that big of a deal, I learned on my old black honda and this ones easier but just a little different. I shoulda changed out the sparkplug while I was at it, but oh well next time. My birfday was on sun day and it was cool, No surf because there was no good storms pushing thru, but me and Valentina took a ride early sunday morning, and then me and my family ate out a few times, took some nice beach strolls, and then me and Valentina also had a few more romps thru the city. I got some cool gopro equipment that I guess my wife caught me looking at so now I got everything that I think I need to film some surfing and I also got a mic to work with my gopro hero 5 for moto filming. Then monday morning I rolled up my sleeves and got busy tearing her apart. Yeah so I just decided that I had had enough of the factory fan switch connections, and it was time for them to go. So now they're soldered to the thermocouple, and my override switch is redundant of it working or not, but it seems to be coming on around 226 and turning off around 215 so thats cool for now. at least it works, and I've got a good reliable backup for it just in case. occotillo wells rulz I rediscovered seashell reef after not being there for about 13-14 years, heck maybe even 15 years. So this was really cool, and I think it would be a perfect place to camp and stage out of even when its crowded so that my family can see all the crazies doing their thing. On this trip we were only out there for an afternoon, so we just staged at the first campsites off of pole line, I forgot the name but it was a nice place and it was completely empty cept for us. And this was cool for my beginner dirtbike family. I think a ride out to gas dome and pumpkin patch would be a really good ride for my family to take together. but those canyons on the north side, aren't those the ones we used to call "disneyland for dirtbikes". I cant wait to go back there. next time for sure... On just a couple of city romps, I can already tell that it's wayy different. I sit higher, and it wheelies easier probably because of the stiffer rear end. I took it up and down a few sets of stairs and when going down theres already more control at the bottom. and jumping off of ledges is also a bit different. I still need more time romping her around to know how I feel about it. but it's different thats for sure. I still need to make a trip away from suburban life, and out to some good ol' dirt to know how she's working properly. Maybe test on some whoops and some good ol' techno-gnarl. like this: If I dont make it out this weekend, My next window to make it to the dirt might not be until september Probably gonna go take a spin through downtown and test out my blackout switch at some point tonight.
  14. I had my tank off the last couple days. When I got mine back together, I had a high idle. So started messing with things and figured out that I had accidentally pulled my throttle cable tight and the throttle had no play, so after a little manipulation on the throttle assembly, all is well. Sorry I dont have any leads for you but I'd probably want to disconnect the starter button to completely rule it out.
  15. well after my birthday weekend, full of quite a few going out to lunch & dinner meals and deserts, I weighed 229 in street clothes drinking a glass of koolaid. and yeah, I did the .52 & 5.8 spring combo. as of right now everything is setup just like the manual as base settings. So now that I've got my base settings and I'm gonna mess around from there and see what happens.