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  1. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

    You wanna hear about the one at band camp? Aight then, let me get this campfire blazing whilst you just sit back for a spell.
  2. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

    You should probably contemplate on a job for your broke ass.
  3. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

  4. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

    Hahaha this van is the crappiest vehicle I’ve ever owned. But its still pretty sweet. I’m used to nicer vehicles. In the past I had about 6 vans including a big ole ford sportsmobile turbo diesel van, a 77’ dodge tradesman that was done up, a basic chevy express and then 2 custom ordered chevy 2500 expresse cargos just like this. and now finally this one. Ive basically always had my jeep cj7, thats now late model corvette powered with 1-ton arb Lockered running gear. And more than likely soon to be prerunner kingcoilover suspended. a good pickup like a z71 or my hotrod diesel 7.3l f250, a hotrod type car, and a van. Ive always had a bunch of bikes but right now I only got my 1955 Harley pimp daddy panhead and my 2017 beta 500 that’s been getting the most of my love. And a couple of bmx bikes like my subrosa/shadow conspiracy pandora & mike buff big ripper, of course. My latest van which is a 1975 g10 is the hardest vehicle that you would ever be able to fix up as their are zero parts available for it. No aftermarket nothing. I’m always being stalked by van clubs and low riders. its a daily driver so I didn’t worry too much about fixing the bullet holes and rust, But I did rewire it with a painless performance harness, i also did a gm performance 350 crate engine with a 3 yr Chevrolet warrantee demon carb hei 140 amp alternator and all the other good stuff. Chevy crate 700r4 tranny with a 3 yr Chevrolet warrantee, I did my own custom lockup tc system for even better fuel economy, Aluminum driveshaft, and 12 bolt posi rear end out of a 91 camero. I can cruise it anywhere anytime and it’s pretty reliable now that I’ve gone thru it all. With a 5200 watt stereo system, full-size bed in the back that folds up so I can fit guitar and bass stacks and a full drum set, along with my custom tiger couch love seat that fits the people I’ve jammed out with at lots of the big name places here in Southern California, the party never stops. Ive had it parked in front of big name places on the sunset strip and OC hotspots right next to celebrities 6 figure euro imports. Plus surfboards also fit safely inside. I made the hitch myself and it holds my bike good enough. I also drop off and pick up my 7th & 3rd grade little dudes at skool in it all the time. They request taking the van places more than any of our other cars. Plus I’ve also heard more than one girl say that riding in the van to some of those clubs was their best night of their life. Last week was the second time I ever used the bed and was the first time I slept in it. I stayed at 3 different friends houses in bueamont, Joshua tree and desert heights and it was pretty cool sleeping in it while it was raining. I coulda slept inside on the couch but I opted for the van. Some of you like gflo already know that vans are the coolest. But if you didnt know now you know.
  5. surfer-dude

    Broken speedo sensor wire

    I’d cut the good side too, then repair both evenly.
  6. surfer-dude

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    Yo Sierra Ive chopped out framerails on a Harley frame to shorten the front legs. Here’s how I did it: I got a pipe cutter and chopped it how I wanted. Then I drilled 4 holes on each side so that I could do some plug welds. Then i chopped a smaller piece of tube that was o.d. As close as possible as the i.d. Of the frame. After I heated the backbone and dropped the neck, I lined it all up and seam welded around the tube and plugged welded the holes. On my old 96’ cr250 I broke the frame and put it back together with a piece of flatbar bent and welded to the bottom of the framerails. It was stout but I could definitely feel the weight gain. The first way was definitely better. How about a new frame entirely. I wonder what that would cost?
  7. surfer-dude

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    I will second that stock skidplate advice. Especially on a big bore 4 stroke. I tested out my tmd a bunch last week. I like it, you could really feel it slide beta over stuff.
  8. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

    All the time But also hardly ever
  9. surfer-dude

    Bottle Jack

    Did someone say joe hauler??? I been rockin’n’rollin with mine since around 98’. It might be bent, but it’s never failed.
  10. surfer-dude

    Random Music Thread

  11. surfer-dude

    Random Music Thread

  12. surfer-dude


    AWW MANN... lol...
  13. surfer-dude

    Ride time!!!!

    Still can’t ride saturdays It yeah while I was listening to that tune I started thinking about this one mann,,, its a little more rocknroll.
  14. surfer-dude

    My new tire combo