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  1. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    he said just add the same amount, no need to drain.
  2. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    Ok so I just called redline water wetters tech support, and heres what he said: I recomend distilled water and water wetter as the label statess for your bike, if your not worried about freeze protection. It will prevent corrosion, and its recomended that every year you add more water wetter to reintroduce the corrosion protection properties. So thats that... For me water wetter is the best coolant.
  3. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    Yeah one of my last rides out in nuevo, it was 116 degrees. I had the water wetter in the bike. We did a bunch of boulder hopping in first and second and lots of funn little hillclimbs, mostly hard riding. I had my fan running the whole time, so no issues. Im sure anything woulda been good but, In my experience the cooler she runs the better I feel. I just read the engine ice bottle and on #4 of the installation instructions it says "The addition of water WILL reduce the cooling & antifreeze properties of engine ice". its strating to sound like snake oil. I still got 2/3 of a water wetter bottle... as long as it doesnt corrode the bike I think im gonna use that and distilled water or even deionized water if I can find it. How often should I change it out?
  4. surfer-dude

    Sunfair this Saturday?

    That's my old stomping grounds. lots of fun out there!
  5. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    is it ok to add distilled water to engine Ice?
  6. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    Is my concern over internal corrosion when using distilled water and water wetter valid? I boiled over at 276 on the voyager temp gauge with the stock fluid, & 1.8 cap, when my fan wasn’t working because the stock fan switch went bad. I had it warranteed and also added a manual switch and no more issues.
  7. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    Oh i have no evidence of corrosion in these last few months that ive ran it, just my own personal history of running pure water in smallblock chevys with aluminum radiators & finding corrosion spots on the aluminum radiator and engine headgaskets and even thermostats. I used to run lifted 4x4’s, mostly old jeep’s thru mud and other gnarley trail stuff a bunch. My last build i featured on pirate 4x4 just google “cj7 unlimited” for cool pics and stuff. And it seems that i went thru more engines than most. I even messed around with big blocks but just prefer the smallblock. And since Im not on any kind of race team, im just trying to keep my bike alive for as long as possible before an engine rebuild becomes necessary. Im not afraid of using the bike and running as hard as im capable of, i just dont want to sacrifice longevity for a small fraction of performance. This is my first experience wit the water wetter. I like how cool the bike runs on pure distilled h2o and water wetter, and i havent had any issues. Just my own fear of what might or might not be happening inside the engine. I also haven’t ran into any type of situation where im worried about freezing. Its just my fear of internal corrosion. honestly i dont have enough experience with it. It seems like in my circle, everyone is using evans or engine ice. So thats why i switched back to engine ice. I prefer the engine to run as cool as possible. And I can tell that it runs a lil bit hotter with engine ice. But Theres no guess work with engine ice and thats cool. But i still like the water wetter better. Are you running water wetter? If you are for how long have you had it in the bike? How often do you gotta change it? I realize that you know more about these kinds of things than me, so im just being honest. Sorry i dont have a more intelligent answer for ya’. I do see freezing temps but hardly ever. Its always easy to drain and stick some antifreeze in if im heading up into the cold.
  8. surfer-dude

    Coolant recommendation(s), please.

    My favorite has been distilled h20 & water wetter. But i was also concerned about corrosion. So i drained it and have gone back to engine ice. Id like to go back to the water wetter and distilled water. But i worry about corrosion.
  9. surfer-dude

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    Ohh, I thought that would only cause an overcharge. The plot thickens...
  10. surfer-dude

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    I just got off the phone with a reputable beta dealer in Santa Ana, and he told me the best way to deal with a EFI four stroke with a dead battery is to push it up a hill and bump it. I told him about how I wore out myself and 3 other dudes trying to kick over my bike when the battery failed and he got a chuckle out of it. He said yeah, it happens. He also recommended motorcycle jumper cables. I think if you were to let the bike cool, then you could use the kicker. Me, Im just gonna carry one of those little jump-packs, probably gonna keep the kicker as a fail safe for solo rides. just gotta remember to let it cool down first. and im sure jumper cables will find a way into my save-a-ride kit too... I been emailing beta back and forth and he told me to check the condenser and diodes for corrosion. So I cut mine open and sure enough, lots of green corrosion on the diode pack, the condenser was ok looking. I had previously received the service bulletin for it, but never installed it. The service bulletin is in now and the bike is charging at about 13.3 volts instead of 12.9, I hope this cures it. But IM still wondering about the key switch like pacoalcracker was saying. Ive also heard about the ground wire bundle coming apart and causing an overcharge condition. But mine isn't overcharging. I think 13.3 still sounds like an undercharge if anything. Yesterday I went for a little ride to the neighborhood park summer program to give my kids some money for ice cream. I turned off the bike and gave the boys a little moolah, and then tried to restart but it was completely dead. No headlight and no fan even with my manual fan switch. So I pulled the seat off and checked the firepower featherweight batteries test button and no LEDs at all. So I pushed the bike back home about 1&1/2 - 2 miles and stuck it on the battery charger for less than a minute and all of a sudden when I tested the battery before I even checked the voltage it was on full led again and the bike fired up just like normal. I think it was undercharging and put the firepower featherweight battery into hibernation as no test LEDs would light up and my headlight and fan wouldn't work either. Then a quick jump brought it out of hibernation. I had stopped in the shade a bunch of times when I was pushing back home, trying this and that, and must have tried the key at least 30 times and left it on for a 60 count twice and nada. then I hooked it up to the charger for less than a minute and everything was back to normal. weird...
  11. surfer-dude

    125 RRS big bore-hop up

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the emissions. So far the chRcoal canister is off and thats no biggie, and i think i have the ais figured out, but there is a black box that prevented me from pulling off the carb in order to clean it out. And then theres another valve thing that i dont know what to do with and also the hose rerputing??? Little help here?? Please???
  12. I talked to trail tech about this awhile back. The dude told me its noise interference, and to cut the excess wire off the lead that wraps around the plug wire as short as possible. It should be cut as short as possible and wrapped 4 times around the plug wire. Thats different than i had read about, but thats what trail tech told me. Contact them and ask, theyre good people over there. Also get the trail tech protector for your voyager. Cheap insurance.
  13. surfer-dude

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    how did you test the switch?
  14. surfer-dude

    Beta 125 enduro street legal ... mods?

    Yo so im still wIting to see if anyone has any answers for the questions on the prior page regarding smog equipment removal.
  15. surfer-dude

    Beta 125 enduro street legal ... mods?

    Im waiting to hear back from you guys so if you can, please answer my questions on the previous page regarding pulling the smog equipment off my wifes beta 125 rr-s. Its hot & I’m frustrated, so im going surfing. We got hurricane swell so im taking out the trusty 6’4” al merrick flyer just waiting for the homie with the 4 banger nissan to pick me up.