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  1. surfer-dude

    Where did you ride?

    Yo, so i asked a friend where do you wanna ride? he said millers crossing or some stuff. So we rode this pounded out place but i didn’t really enjoy it. But at least redonda ridge and devil hole was kinda cool. I started running out of gas on the way back, so i coasted down some hills, And we made it. The big girl finally ran out when i was riding up into the back of my truck. Mann!!! What a waste of a perfectly good 333!☠️ And then he didnt even want to do an el mirage night loop. What the heck! I shoulda just taken him to beaumont and smiled! [emoji316] Today i scored perfect little 2’ long board waves with offshores. It was good for some nose ride action. Hb pier was blown out with 30-40 mph offshores. Im gonna go out again tomorrow! But just one of the local ie spots. By the way if you see these glasses that are on my bars, take a picture of em and send it to me. I dropped them somewhere between here and hawes peak. Probly at the second hill when i had to pick up my friends bike, fix it, and then ride it up for him. The hardest part of the ride was when i walked back from the toppest most hill to that spot and back. Looking for them in every just about every bush and hole i came across.
  2. surfer-dude

    Beta 4 strroke carbon fiber

    Yo so i have had no luck finding the carbon fiber components that i want to run. I ordered a set of moose upper fork wraps and they were too long. Same with the p3’s. They didnt have anything for beta so i ordered for a 2017 ktm. So yeah that didnt work. And i ordered the header guard but it sticks out way too far. So i have tried these things but it was all a wash. Im not so sure that carbon fiber is gonna make it on my bike after all. I tried but it just doesnt seem to make me happy. Sooo...
  3. surfer-dude

    Spoiler alert

    Sometimes when i “GOLF”, i go by the name barefoot jack!
  4. surfer-dude

    Spoiler alert

  5. surfer-dude

    Random Music Thread

    and some tunes:
  6. surfer-dude

    Random Music Thread

    well then this is right up your alley
  7. surfer-dude

    2019 RR Race Edition Models - First Look

    That 300 looks RAD i&i cant wait to lay hands on something like that.
  8. surfer-dude

    Where did you ride?

    hahahaha yeah I know right, I tried hooking sammy up but he kinda geeked it. I guess I chatted her up a bit too much. It was a solo ride cept for those other 2 dudes and that local K-dude that were there with me. You shoulda been there too. It was funn... January mann...
  9. Not a cat vid but figured it’d make you laugh
  10. Dude... yea i dunno, maybe its just the van mann. That older broad in newport was impressed about the fullsize bed i got out back behind the tiger couch. Lol Yesterday and today i didnt even get out of bed all day cept to go play some guitar for a bit. Its kinda nice [emoji106] Oh and last night my wife and i took a walk around the block and when we got back a pretty little white and grey blk cat was their waiting for me rolling around in my driveway so i could pet her so she followed us after i shut the driveway gate all the way to the side door and rolled on her back. So i petted her and she was purring and wanted me to pick her up so my girl got her a snack and we fed her a little and when i picked her up again she grabbed me and gave me a love bite. I got scared and almost dropped her. But instead set her on my block wall like a little statue. My wife said its a she becuase it had 3 colors. Idk... I like cats i think ill watch some funny cat vids untill 11 when i gotta take the next pill cocktail
  11. surfer-dude

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    Yea, opps i meant a couple clicks in or clockwise, to slow it down. I got a young friend thats always messing with his bike and then usually i gotta fix it for him. I always tell him “dont fix it if it aint broke” These bikes are so well engineered that the only thing you need to do is take it apart and grease but every beta ive ever heard about comes greased pretty good from the factory, unlike hondas that have almost zero grease, and go and pull apart the electrical connectors and add some dielectric grease and put them back together. And then ride, ride, ride. And when you break something from riding too hard or crashing then go ahead and modify. You probably should just go ahead and add some rad guards tho Everything else on the beta should be sweet like mamas cherry pie
  12. Just the usual north orange county spots. Nothing out of the ordinary. But we had that hurricane rosa and then another one i forget the name of the storm. But the surfs been firing and its still good as theres another system rolling thru. And i think another ones on the horizon so i need to hurry up and get better quick. Last week was: seal beach jetty 5-7’ Seal beach pier 3-5’ Anderson street/ sharkhole 4-5’ Huntington pier 5-7’ Goldenwest st 4-6’ Newport beach 56th st 4-8’ I got barreled soo much, i was on an all around good trip for a minute,then i almost died from the worst earches ever. I also been swimming a few thousand meters at 24 hour fitness almost every weekday so it coulda been any of those things. I was also chillin with the kids in the pool at my pad jumping off the roof and riding skateboards in the pool and stuff when my little guy was partying a little too hard and ran up behind me with the hose on full and shoved it in my ear. But both of My ear canals are swole shut, i dont know. I went to the kaiser on saturday and they gave me some cilin, eardrops, sudafed, benedryl, & tylenol and said to ice my ears. I went dirt bike riding twice last week (w&f)at the hills of santa rosa where i cleared steel peak and all the other hills around it, not every line but all the hills. And i also met a really cute girl named d and her friend in a uhaul pickup truck and a rented bike. She was cute and had model-like features and was flirty so i flexed the guns and lifted her bike out the truck for her and fired it up first kick, she liked it! we even did a little ride around the field before me and the boys set out to find some trouble. I tried setting up my young friend that push started me back when my bike wouldnt start but he kinda geeked it, and she was already rubbed up on me, oh well next time... i also met a local there and got invited back to his pad where he showed me his backyard mx track. and then on friday we rode lake st in elsinore where we did a bunch of hills and this one gnarley boulder trail, it was funn and Valentina was a raging thunderhorse( i accidentally left the sunny map on) but no stalls. I also did some of my best pivot turns ever. These werent practice ones on flat ground. They were in the middle of gnar sections so im kinda proud about it. But Then I had to sit out sundays ride in phelan. I just got a message from my buds wanting to go ride copper canyon tomorrow or the next day but im at the mercy of this ear infection. Also I chopped down 5 trees in my yard and took em to the dump, so i also got some spider and other insect bites so that might have lowered my immune system a bit. Still got a few more to knock down and some bricks to rip out so i can get this house ready to be a rental. I’m not complaining cuz its just part of the whole gig. You know... you win some you lose some... Its actually kinda nice to just chill in the morning instead of waking up at 5 and doing the morning ritual. I gotta take like a 5 or 6 pill cocktail every 8 hours. After i got done surfing 56th i was just chilling there in the van smoking when this older chick walked up on me and told me she was getting a divorce. Then she tried to bum a smoke off me and hopped in and we had a chill sesh just talking and cracking jokes and stuff. A little while later she texts her her husband and when he showed up and they offered to take me out to miguels in newport for dinner and then they wanted to take me and show me their house in laguna hills. Crazy life mann [emoji12] Like i said i was on a good one... Hb pier on the ride home
  13. surfer-dude

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    Yep, fastway pegs down low and back and the bars pushed forward and in the forward set of triple clamp holes, works for me. Also teach your self not to stand straight up , but learn to stay in the attack position: Do a proper set up on the bike, cuz it sounds like your suspension is little off. Maybe take a few clicks out of the shock rebound. Then run some practice drills. Simple figure 8's and maybe some corner tracks would probly be just what you need. I wouldnt do bar risers or anything like that, Your bikes awsome, and it handles too good to mess with. It was designed with a low center of gravity. Just run some practice drills and learn how to use it... Throwing money at the bike isnt gonna help you ride better. Just ride!!! http://www.tootechracing.com/suspension-set-up-help.shtml
  14. surfer-dude

    Gas cap noise/pressure

    My bike used to burp while it was sitting in the garage. But then i took the cap apart and removed the smog can and a bunch of other hoses and capped the port hole in the intake, I then installed the little vent cap that no one seems to like and i havent had any problems since. Except for when it fell off and gas spilled all over my nuts. Also my fan switch died so my fan wasnt comingvon and in some rocky 1st gear stuff i got the bike up to about 275 when it started venting coolant but no gas boil.
  15. surfer-dude

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    I also just remembered that if your knees are giving you issues maybe you should try some neoprene knee braces they're like 20 bucks from the sporting goods store. They keep the joints nice and warm! just wear em underneath youre other set of pads or braces or whatever you got going on. I got some old hammer bmx neoprene pads that I wear underneath my other el cheapo evs dirt bike knee pads. but they're all burnt up from the 4 stroke exhuast. I cant find any new ones, so I'm having my seamstress make me some, I just gotta go shopping for the neoprene material that I wanna use, and She's gonna use the hammers as the pattern for the new ones. I was in a hit from behind car crash a while back while at an almost dead stop, and the illegal immigrant that hit me with false plates and no insurance was doing about 45mph and so I ended up with a fractured humurous and femur which is mostly healed but now its being treated as tennis elbow and bone contusions in my knee. So I forced myself to quit riding for a while, but forget that no riding nonsense. I gotta ride!!! knee and elbow pain sucks