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  1. I installed one side of the BPD radiator guards. The other side is gonna need to be banged straight, but I did manage to tighten up the hose clamps enough that I stopped the leak. I think [emoji848] Next step is to pull off the radiator and bang on it. Should be funn.
  2. Sorry charlie, I'm gonna wait till christmas. I gotsta have some kind of holiday anticipation. I'm not even sure what I got, I hope i'm not gonna be bummed... I can't wait for christmas yay christmas I wonder if they're made by polisport???
  3. Oh yeah thats off my 2017 BETA 500 rr-s "Valentina Dabeta" ^^^ just in case your wondering...
  4. yup!
  5. I don’t see anything on the back of the header Nor at the beginning of the muffin ps those are some fat cats, watt you be feeding those pretty kittys? lots of hawaiian BBQ i bet!
  6. They heeerre;
  7. Oh yeah totally stoked on the new training sessions, all designed to make me happier when I go dirt bike riding, and vice versa The past few days it’s been good for barebacking some longboard waves and riding the big ripper. So, why not do them both. I actually have a slight sunburn going into Christmas. Lol I’m searching for clutch plates for my B-girl. So if anyone knows of a good place to get them from I’m open to suggestions. -[emoji41]
  8. I took my wife’s bike out to go get some new wetsuits for all of us. And on the trip down to visit my friends in Newport Beach, I got the little Giuseppe bike up to “” it wasn’t too bad, a little shaky but not that bad. We clocked about 36 miles round trip down PCH and back. It sustained a 60-65 mph cruise speed thru the bolsa chica area without too much engine strain. Let’s just say I kept up with the Prius’s that were out there. I wouldn’t want to do to many miles like this but the 2017 beta 125 rr-s is now officially Pacific Coast Highway cruise approved. So that means that this is a cool bike for just about everyone.
  9. This is probably going to find a way onto my wife’s bike. I’ve taken all the preload out of the shock, raised the forks as high as they will go, and I shaved the seat down. A little lower would be sweet for her. 160 bucks isn’t that much to contribute towards a good time on a 6k+ motorbike.
  10. They’re here, I guess that they had to import them from europe or something.
  11. Hey, They got my neighbors honda accord cat, parked about 20 feet away from my open window. It's incredible how quick and sneaky those muthers are! I was kind of impressed, good thief ethic. My neighbor thought his wife messed up his car. lol. It was all loud and stuff.
  12. I had no idea my bike had a cat. But now that I do, it's coming out right now. Thank you.
  13. What plate 🤫 [emoji445][emoji445][emoji41][emoji445][emoji445]
  14. 10 bucks and 10 minutes, so far no issues with johnny law and I ride this bike wherever whenever and I have up front parking all the time.
  15. Being so close to Christmas, there may not be much dirt bike riding in the near future for me, except for little easy putts with my wife and kids. A couple weeks ago I went out and got a 2018 se bikes mike buff big ripper. It’s a 29” bmx bike. Instead of driving or riding a motorcycle, I’ve been riding this bike around town to do errands and stuff, as well as just enjoying going for a bike ride. It’s a great commuter bike. And I get a surprising amount of attention about it. I also got a new surf rack for it so that on normal ordinary days I can ride my bike to the surf spot instead of driving all the time. I’ve already lost a little weight and my legs are getting stronger in a different way than in the gym. But most importantly my knee pain is going away. I think all the jogging and weight training that I had been doing was hurting the miniscus. So yeah my Valentina bikes a bit clapped out, but I’ll fix her up. My body was feeling clapped out too, and I’m working on that also. I bought some pink odi half waffles for my ladies Giuseppe bike. She took them to work but forgot them on her desk so I can’t even put them on for her. Untill next week. Tomorrow we gonna go down and cruise Venice beach as a cool little family bike ride. Wish we could ride the hills on our dirt bikes but mines is clapped and wifeys has no grips, the kids bikes are styling tho. But now they want new grips too... Haha Just got a phone call about a desert ride in Barstow tomorrow am, oh well life’s a beach [emoji445][emoji445][emoji41][emoji445][emoji445]