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  1. yeah so I was in a car crash back in may, I fracked my humurus in 3 spots and my femur in a spot under the kneecap. Bones are healing good but elbow has been hurting and going numb. today ortho doc tells me that this is typically what happens when its dislocated. I dont know whats going on. so I got the horse shot, fingers are crossed. Cant surf cant lift cant ride. Hopefully soon Ill be back surfing, then lifting, and then back to riding with my friends. wish me luck I think Imma go ride around on top of the LBC airport parking lot watch some planes land and just practice some of that slow figure 8 stuff for balance and maybe see if I can pop a wheelie or something.
  2. All this is, is the gear shift lever that you step on and pull up with your foot??? The actual gear shift lever is whats been causing me to hit the false nuetrals??? I thought it was like some kind of synchro mesh or something like that... I dont even like my shift lever to begin with, and Ive bent it and straigtened it out at least 5 times now, also done the brake lever a couple times too. Last time I smashed it into a boulder face and folded it under the clutch cover, 5 minutes later I was back on the trail. So just get new levers, I guess i'm supposed to go shorter Id imagine.
  3. Yep the new 300’s gonna look good all blacked out.
  4. You all know what I’d choose.
  5. Hopefully betas listening. [emoji41]
  6. This is my 2017 500, it’s an awesome bike. After running around all over and wearing out the Michelin’s I switched to goldentyre fatty and m5b and thought I messed up the bike because it was so different then I got used to it and was stoked. Then I switched to the 333 dominator and was like YEAHH... I hit those false neutrals too often. Can the new gear selector work on my bike? and if it will could you explain it better to me so I can pull it off on mine. Apologies for not knowing more about these kinds of things. I wiped out a few too many times because of the false neutrals and my buds were like what??? and I was like “f-ing betas transmissions more clunky than a RM!”. [emoji851] I’m more aware of it now but it still happens more than I’d like.
  7. Yeah Yeah I think its a nice bike and I spent quite a few moments checking it out as I'd never seen something like that before. I even wanted to ride it. The freeride was as foreign to me as a trials bike. Then his 14 or 15 year old kid started riding it around the campspot. Its a cool bike but not for that place. Theres lots of loose dirt almost like sand but not quite sand dune style. lots of whooped out stuff, big hills and jumps. Big Horsepower and a wide open throttle rule the day there... and as far as the big 3 euro players go, its 500 heaven otherwise 450's and old 2stroke 500's are the hot ticket... Bigger is better in jawbone. our wives hit it off and even our kids had fun together so we all exchanged phone numbers so I could show them some new places closer to their new house in san clemente. But dude was making comments about getting a new bike because the kato fr wasnt the right bike for around here and I agreed. we hung out down by the the pier once but I guess he wants the proper bike before he goes riding with me again. I even made him a map to the farm so he could ride more mountain bike type trails but I havent seen him there either. so who knows... you know how it is with new friends you meet... plus I really cant ride til who knows when. The crew just got back from kennedy meadows and flooded my facebook with all the pics from there and it looks really awsome with lots of rocks and the normal dudes crashing all over. I never been there, so im bummed I missed a good ride at a nice place. they said next month again but Im not so sure my elbow will be well enough. Its all numb and tingly for no reason. I just dont know, maybe the bone doc will give me a big horse shot and I can stop complaining about it. but it really hurts oh well...
  8. I rode with a dude from hawaii that brought a free ride up into jawbone. He hung until we made it out of camp. Just saying... Nice guy tho...
  9. I wouldn't raise the footpegs. I think that would cause all kinds of weird handling issues. it might save your feet from hitting some rocks and stuff, but I dont think the weight transfer to the rear wheel would be as good. also side to side handling of your bike will be compromised. Id go with lower and back footpegs if anything. in fact I did and was worried about kicking rocks and I have done that a couple times and it did hurt my feet a bit but no biggie the pain was only temporary. But to me the handling benefits of my pegs being lowered and backend make up for it. I feel more power being put to the ground especially on the hills, and it makes the bike feel more balanced side to side.
  10. Yah see, that’s the thing. I wanna eat the whole enchilada, cake, and ice cream. More ground clearance, but not taller seat height. Cuz when things are offcamber steep and crazy, I seen lots of the crews bikes on their sides and even upside down, all the while I made it relatively clean. So I definitely see the benefit of Beta's lower seat height. Usually the lower ground clearance isn’t an issue except; when speeds pick up thru the fast so cal desert whoops (I have cased plenty of times when I get sloppy and fatigued, at least compared to the old Honda cr450r but I wasnt really into rocks and hard enduro stuff on that bike), And also on some of the really rocky rock trails that I typically ride now... But there’s also benefits to the low ground clearance, so sit back and relax, as I stir up the campfire and tell you a tale... As I remember, It was a perfect and beautiful California day,,, And we were out with a completely mixed group of riders, and once again I was the lone beta rider. We had been riding all over an undisclosed section of a southern california mountain range just north of LA, looking for the hardest stuff to ride. We approached this section of a crazy sick off camber downhill section that went around a tree on the right, then hard left between another tree, then hop over a fallen tree, and also at the same time over a ravine to a relatively clean landing on the other side. Only 3 of us out of the 8 or 9 guys tried that line. First up was waldy, he was ride leader on his 16' ktm 350 and he had been thru there a bunch of times, so he knew the line. Second guy was exc yankee on his 18'ktm 500 that followed right behind him and cleared it no probs. This was my first time thru here, and I was tailgunning at the very end of the group to help a noobie on his YZ250r thru some of the tuff stuff on this more advanced ride. So when it was my turn to take a crack at it, I didn’t go wide enough around the first tree and it was too steep to get the bike back up the hill for a mulligan at the only line of this sick and twisted paradise of a gnarley rooted out trail. Momentarily I wished I'd taken the easy route instead of risking it all. But there was no time time for remorse or regerts. This was a time for action. So there I was stuck in the crack of death with all eyes peering down on me from up above on the go around easy route. My only option was to dismount and lean my bike over to the right in order to clear the backend of my bike around the first tree, all the while turning hard left in front of the second tree. (My seat and swingarm still has the battlescar from the rub put on by this tree) As we crept around the first tree my handlebars where now up around shoulder height while I stepped down towards the fallen log. The moments slipped by as time slowed to a crawl, and the sound of the silence of everyone holding their breathe was over taken by the sound of brush that crushed beneath my machine and me as we maneuvered cautiously forward and downward towards the fallen log. So as my front wheel crested up and over and a I stepped carefully up on the fallen log to remount, something weird happened and I slipped. Me and my bike lurched forward and downward into the ravine and certain doom. It was about 12 foot down to the bottom of this particular section of ravine. And where we were heading there was rocks, lots and lots of big rocks. And to make matters worse, it was also very steep as water runoff caused massive erosion. So besides the fall, we would’ve likely taken a good tumble afterwards. And then,,,,,, and then we would've had to get back up the ravine to the safety of the trail that everyone else was on. Luckily, we didn't have to experience this ordeal because,,, the low ground clearance of my precious Valentina (2017 500rr-s) caught the log as we both fell forward and downward into the ravine. I held onto the bars as my feet became airborne and swung from down low and then upwards into the sky. I distinctly remember seeing my boots fly past the treeline and kicking up into the blue sky above. But I never quit and I never say die. So a quick pull-up/pull-down type of reaction landed me back perfectly on the log. All the while my Italian mistresses low ground clearance, saved us both from certain doom. Once I regained my footing on top of the log and sighed a quick sigh of relief, I hopped back on my beloved bike and hit the starter/talent button. A quick assessment was made, and we pivot turned hard left and hopped over the log and ravine to the only good line. We finally surpassed this most intimidating obstacle of the day, and on to the relatively safe ground of the rest of the hard bypass trail section. The entire ordeal transpired in only about 10-20 seconds, but it seemed like alot longer than that. All the while up above us the group that took the safe line watched and then cheered when I cleared the scary part. Afterwards I yelled "see, I told you my Valentina loves me back!". Loads of high-5’s happened after that one. And it was a good day [emoji851] this was about a 12 foot drop, 3' of vert at top, & no where to go at the bottom, The camera angle is cheating it to make it look less steep than it actually was. I dropped in in 3rd, and then powerslided at the bottom cuz there was no where to go. this was my second time thru here, the first time thru I approached wayy too fast, and deflected off the roots and ruts at the top of the hill and then to the right of the picture and down a slightly less steep part that was riddled with trees that I was able to test my body armor on, resulting in a ripped off arm piece of my acerbis zoom2 chest protector and a few new stick marks to Valentina's headlight mask. This is me and waldy after the gnar sections were over with... This is me and yz250 jon, He's a big ole ex-marine type dude that makes me look small... hahaha... he's one of my brothers now, rides harleys, and even gave me his old combat knife. I tried to say no, but he insisted, and said dude your f-ing awsome, I couldnt say no
  11. It would be nice to get some extra ground clearance
  12. california

    There’s lots of good ride spots within an hours drive from there. And even 20 minutes ride on a dual sport just on the other side of vista. But none of them are exactly what you’d call “legal”. You just gotta be on pirate mode. I don’t know that it’s exactly illegal either. Probably... but Aarrr!!!!
  13. Mann what a bummer... check the connections under the gas tank. Maybe the wire for the fuel pump got disconnected. Maybe???