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  1. Its cool just the way it is. When has something ever changed and gotten better? Next year I'm probably gonna have a 2 stroke as well, so it would be more beneficial to check out stuff relating to both bikes. Also a trials bike is gonna be on the radar a couple years out. so having it all in one section would be wayy more beneficial and easier to search thru as well as post about. And yous guys know how I like to ramble. heres a cool pic of me:
  2. Yeah mines is all pins and needles and it’s a drag. But what can you do? I’m on all kinds of pills right now so it’s cool... I hope I don’t need surgery on my knee. That would be a real joykiller...
  3. I was in a car crash a couple weeks ago and finally got around to having my aching elbow x rayed. I ended up with a fractured humorous but it’s not even funny. They also telling me I got torn cartilage in my knee. AnywYs they casted my elbow up and when I got home I cut the cast off. Because ain’t nobody got time for that. I go back for an mri of my knee on the 3rd. Gonna try and get a ride in on Sunday. Life’s crazy right now and that’s the soonest I can ride.
  4. Dang dude, thats a bummer. but you'll heal, good luck...
  5. Yeah maybe I'll do some ghetto smoke with a black sharpie. I got mine at a truck stop for 10 bucks for all four, and I got the flash relay off of amazon for 7 bucks. They also sell the lights at autozone for 5 bucks a pair, I think... If you only do the rears and leave the front stock, You wont need the new flash relay.
  6. you mean like this:
  7. Thanks kran mann, Yeah!
  8. what kind of fluid is recomended?
  9. I went there for the first time ever on saturday, during the rain, and it was a blast. I also took my family there on sunday after the rain and it was perfect for my 2 kids on a xr50 and the other kid on a ktm65. My wife on her 125rr-s had a pretty good wipeout at the farm, so she needed a confidence booster and RF was pretty good for this reason. RF's about an hour and twenty minutes from my house so I see the charm in this place. On sunday, the road in was a little muddy, but I could've kept the pickup dry if I had wanted to. The red mud left a couple of stains on my 500's engine that I hope to get out with some gas and a toothbrush, but as long as you wash it off right away, there shouldn't be any worries. I dont think I'll ever go back to hungry valley on a weekend. I had a collision with a drunkard on a quad and got a little hurt, and don't want to see my wife or kids have one. Other than that HV is cool, but the riding up in LPNF past HV is really cool. I look forward to exploring RF and the areas around it a bit more. heres a video from last saturday: enjoy....
  10. I woke up and read this and shot each of the betas to the car wash. Gonna do a bit of maintenance to both machines. I went the next day with my wife and kids and it was perfect for them. Nice and easy...
  11. Here goes a rowher flats video check it out I shoulda cut out some stuff but theres also some cool stuff:
  12. california

  13. It was awesome, I did everything at least twice, it rained down all over me, at some points on top of the hill 20’ of visibility. I made it to dwf. 80 miles in the rain. When conditions aren’t so rainy I think it’s a pretty good spot for the wife and kids, hopefully I can take them tomorrow. But today it was so much fun, it was perfect rain and misty mountain tops. On my first ride, I Helped about 12 people that were lost in the mist, back to stage 1. Good times for my first time.
  14. You see, that sounds like funn, I hope it works out. thanks...
  15. Maybe, but I doubt it. All these guys want to ride is the more do or die spots like beaumont, and to a lesser extent bean canyon, the cliffs out in Ocotillo wells, and jawbone so they can all be hillclimb kings. I'm not as good as some of these guys so I'm also branching out and trying to ride everywhere in the hopes of gaining more experience and confidence in my bikemanship before I start challenging them for the title. I was gonna go to rowher flats this morning but last night I got rear ended by a drunk driver with no license no insurance and in someone elses buick enclave. She's an imigrant from Uganda. lol... So today I get to go deal with insurance claims, the doctor, and dropping my pickup truck off at the dealer for repairs. This old black grandma lady never even touched the brakes, and I was completely stopped, so it was a pretty good hit that knocked my heavy as hell 7.3l f250 30 degrees sideways and moved it about 15 feet. My seat got broken, so I'm not exacxtly in tip top shape right now. The best part is that this stupid old bag actually blamed me. the cop that did the report impounded her car and gave her a ticket for no license or insurance and she's still claiming it was my fault. Amazing!!! But just now I got a phone call, and one of the youngsters is ready to pick me up and go check rowher out. so maybe tomorow... But if its like the wolf says and its all graded and paved, it doesnt exactly sound like that much funn, but I still want to go check it out. I got a young pup ready to take me so hopefully tomorow works out and its like you said.