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  1. With regards to the 300 2 strokes, and also here in California: Would one of them carry a green sticker and the other a red sticker? or are they both red sticker, or green stickered? Because I think I'd like to give the better suspension equipped one a go. Although I believe that I usually ride private areas anyways so maybe the tag doesn't even matter. But i'd rather have a green sticker and sparky if I could help it.
  2. Here's a cool video, with some cool music. I suck at using the gopro camera, because I missed the best parts of the ride; The 2 hard hills, and the rock splat session. I've got a bunch of 2-4 second videos, of just before the good stuff. I kept turning it off by trying to turn it on. story of my life. Maybe one day I'll figure it out. Enjoy...
  3. I was ending my day, just chilling, listening to some santana. When all of a sudden I thought about bigbob's post, talking my about "my california forums". So then all of a sudden, I thought hey maybe you guys say these things to each other in other posts. And it's true you do. At least, every other one of the last few that I read, you give each other shit like this. I never would've thought it. I feel like a dumbass. I should have known better, and seen what I was getting into before I stepped off into the deep end. I don't know your personalities, and I was just kinda like "hey' i'm a dumbass. I felt that i was getting attacked, and I was, but I didn't really understand why. I mean nobody has ever tried calling me a girl before and whatnot, and definitely not a pos, at least not to my face. So for barging in here and not knowing how you conduct yourselves to each other, I am truly sorry and I offer my sincerest apology. I was wrong. I messed up. And shouldn't have trash talked you guys. I see now that you guys ride together and are an actual group, and that I am an outsider, and I barged in on your conversation. I walked in on your A/B conversation and got offended. I shoulda c'd my way out before I even asked anything in the first place. It was my bad. I see now, that's just how you do. I hadnt even looked at a post here before, If I had, i probably woulda stayed out of it. I usually don't talk madness to anyone, and I feel lousy about it. So I offer my sincerest apologies to all of you, I was wrong. I didn't know any better. I'm sorry SD
  4. I've got some rubbing on the front fender too, But I was pushing really hard thru desert whoops, and my clickers were set kinda soft. I ran the fatty front at about 11-12 psi but it was too low for me. I think 13-14 is good for my general type of riding. It really does absorb many of the trail rocks that could be problematic for other smaller front tires. There were lots of hill climbs, and the m5b ruled. This was also at kind of low psi, because for the fast stuff I felt the tire bottom out on a rock here and there. It also felt like when I was standing up in the 5th or 6th gear stuff, I could powerslide the rear end into corners differently than I could before, kinda easier, but it also felt a little out of control too... Maybe this is that flat tire feel? But it gripped the hills really really good. at one point, I stopped on a loose rocky hill, looked backwards and threw some roost just to watch it fly. cool stuff. The m5b is a monster out in Johnson valley. I liked the tire combo this week, but I think I need more air pressure, and the front end needs to be a little taller. Moving the forks up and down makes a big difference. I think that the second notch on the forks is too high, I'm gonna lower them back down about a 1/3 between the 2 marks, and see how that feels. i've got a depth mic so maybe I'll use that and get it as precise as I can. on the second notch and at around 11 or 12 psi, The bike turned really good, but it also felt a little twitchy in 4th 5th and 6th gears, So I'm gonna raise it up that little bit and see how it feels. I might end up with a steering stabilizer on my 500. Maybe more testing in a couple of weeks.
  5. come on think a little quicker. Dont be such dund a duh whoopps too late, I'm done with you At least anvil tries to come off threatening, I like that, its not gay, a bit ordinary, but not gay. good job anvil! your alright
  6. nope SheWolf he wasnt there. And you better believe that I'm not gonna be anywhere around your weird deliverence style fantasies. Gaybikers,
  7. Well first things first; was this in SoCal? Secondly, the donner party was a historical occurance in the mid 1800's Maybe you should try and grow a brain for once By the way did you win? congratulations in advance, I hope you enjoy the prize money. Maybe I'll make it out to certain races in the next few months, who knows!!! Ok so now your mr jarvis, and your issueing out warnings, on the internet. You sound like a real standup guy to me. by the way what exactly is a arm handle.
  8. Yeah, I wanted to try and ride with some new faces, at different places, but it is what it is. so no worries, life goes on. Today, I rode J.V. with some of the more prominent youtube people, and guess what, they were cool as could be. I was even invited to go out on future rides, in their hills. At todays meetup, I was given a lil' bit of swag in a bag, and then one of my favorite riders, possibly of all time told me "dude, you shred, here's some free product, so that you can have some good product". Cool stuff, good times, and good peoples. zero attitudes. I'm happy about the way things ended. This one dude, has really has shown me dirt bike riding techniques that I had never seen before. It makes me want to get my kids onto trials bikes so they can learn to be good shreeders too. Maybe, these people were cool because nobody was hiding behind a keyboard, spouting off nonsense. but whatever, it is what it is. I'm sure somebody on here is gonna get all offended by this statement too. But what can you do??? On todays ride: Gnarly hillclimbs were a big part of it, and the m5b was hooking up. There was just one hillclimb that I didnt do, But I'm quite positive, that some of you big talkers could of probably of just walked right up it with no hands, even though only one dude actually made it. There were also plenty of rocks and my goldentyre fatty front equipped italian princess handled everything superbly. We stopped from time to time, and jumped up and down rocks just like stopping for the good hillclimbs which got tuffer and tuffer as we went along. I splatted some pretty good size rocks, and even wheelie-hopped my back tire from rock to rock on one section, twice just to make sure it was intentional. this was a big deal, to me at least. and I believe that I got it on film in first person anyways. I can say that I had never even thought about doing it on a motorcycle, and in the midst of the rock splat jam sesh, I busted it out. There were lots of whoops and I had fun with the different desert racers hualing ass thru them, I wasn't in anyones dust trail for too long. I've always done decently in the whoops, but I'm sure I need to build my stamina on the bike. I have seen the awsome guys like; johnny campbell, and curt casselli pass me in the really long sections when I was riding over my head and kept wiping out, and I've also been on the track with josh hanson, mike brown, and other really good riders in the stadium whoops when I used to train with socal mx school. So while I understand that I might be decent, i'm not great. Maybe some of you are great, I don't really know. There were lots of different types of people; from beginners to desert racers, and hard enduro and endurocross guys that we've all seen. Dudes on ktm's, hondas, huskies, kawasaki's, yamahas and all sorts of other bikes. It was a decent turn out. I had the lone italian bike, but I also spotted a husaberg there too. I am glad that I left at 11pm last night. And also that I slept in the back of my pickup next to my Italian princess under the full moon. And that together we faced the approaching sunrise, not knowing what to expect. For me, it all worked out pretty good. I'm satisfied One dude asked me if I was at the lost coyotes hard enduro or something like that, I didn't even know what he was talking about. And another yellow striped desert dude told me he'd look for me at the invader run, but i told him I can't because I'll be in vegas that week so... But it's cool we exchanged contact info. He's a youtuber also. I told him that I've only raced a couple of times, and He was like well it's almost the new year and you gotta start somewhere. cool dude... I also chummed up to a couple of green plate guys as well. I believe that I had the only beginner plate. It was a bummer that my ribs and back are still hurting from when a drunk chick on a quad ran into me last sunday. This was at hungry valley. I took my wife and kids there for them to learn on easy stuff and also on the mini track, but I paid the price for it. The collision occurred off of pronghorn trail, by the bowl section. I got t-boned by a quad and got the wind knocked out of me, It's funny because they just left me there still on the ground, with the wind knocked out of me. Anyways today I had an off day, but I still showed up and rode the way I rode. and it was fun, and to me that's all that matters. I wasn't there to outdo anyone, or prove anything to anybody including myself, I was just out to have a little fun before my crazy workweek. Then I came home and went for a surf, about 2-4' pierbowl lefts at seal beach pier, I just got back as a matter of fact. after this I'm gonna go chill in the hot tub and get caught up on some football games. while my gopro downloads. So I guess your terms must be really difficult. Because you must be like cody webb or something really super awesome. I'm sure you ride some tuff stuff, but I always have too. I might be new to this website but not dirt bike riding. I grew up riding beaumont and the surrounding areas south of yucaipa and palmdale as the usual spots. yeah dude, been there and done that too. I've been going there off and on since before I was a teenager. back when ascot was a place still, I can see how it could be a workout, and I could always use better conditioning. Please don't take offense by this. Yeah I'd be willing to go back and try things your way, no worries... But it would seem that there might be a problem with you trying things my way. But yeah whatevers, I think your cool, I'll try it your way. El mirage is where I took my people that are just barely getting into this hobby. And I'm gonna make more trips out that way in the near future too. I figured that everyone knows where el mirage is. It's easy to get to. And so, if you wanted to come by for a taco or a cup of punch, then I'm being pretty friendly by inviting you to a meet and greet, for possible future rides of course. This is also for me to tell if I want to hangout with you as well. But people feel how they feel so it's cool. You better believe that I'm willing to ride just about anywhere. I'm just selective about who I share my time with. Dude I was a county lifeguard and paramedic for quite a few years before I went back to being a glorified ditch digger, if Im around you'll always make it. I can almost guarantee it!
  9. well today came and went. nobody stopped by. again. figures... Best of luck to all of you...
  10. I can dig it man, sometimes it's brutal...
  11. yeah not all that long ago a filipino local there pulled a machete out on me, I told him I was up from long beach and he was like yeah ok, then. It still fires up there. good times.
  12. Thanks bigbob, Good words and plenty of wisdom. I bet you still remember some waves from those 3 days, cool stuff.
  13. I wasn't even around yet, That's solid! much respect...
  14. Between anderson street and the Shark hole, a little north of HB and Bolsa Chica. Good solid south swell, peaking today. Good indian summer conditions, maybe all day. Indian summer sunrise and sunset surfs are the best. Score some waves if you can. I'm sure it's bigger and better as you head south, But I got a busy day with kids games and A.S. is close to home for me.
  15. Apologies if I offend any of you dandies out there. But I guess that this is just more of team transtesticle hiding behind a computer, running their mouth, and spewing forth more illicit hotosexual nonsense. Talk is cheap, I gave you the opportunity to meet up with me, and you bitched out. So remember that fact, homie. But yeah I parked the truck by that bar on the 173 Then I went and did a couple of loops thru the H area. I met up with 2 cool dudes on a husky and a honda. We took a cool trail ride up near silverwood and then back down the hill. Then we made a stop for some refreshments, and another smaller ride thru the valley, nothing spectacular but still a lot of funn. I'll drop a video about it later next week. The Beta ran great, and so did the fatty front, the og m5b that I'm trying was meh.... Zero issues, and It's still all good. I love riding my Italian princess. She's a really great bike, if you haven't ridden one I highly recommend it as consideration for your next bike. I surfed today already. It was a little bigger than yesterday about 4-6' with light offshore winds and good conditions, so I'm already off to a good start. After our kids football games, Me and my family along, with a few of my homies and theirs that just got into some new quads, are gonna be caravanning out to el mirage for some easy-riding and a little high desert BBQ. Probably be there around 1-3, give or take, and right on the lakebed for all the beginners in my group. The homie will probably fire the grill about 5-6. It's byobbq, but the grill will be there along with the black homie that can grill anything as good as anyone, I promise you that. So feel free to come in peace and have a good time till the sun drops. Just a side-note, the homies are die hard cowboys fans, so bring your teams swag and have some laughs. Heres another chance for a meet and greet. You can be friendly and make some new friends, or you can continue like these few people that don't really matter much. I'll even tell you of some of the spots that I ride when I don't have family with me. I'm cool either way. Sundays ride might be out in johnson valley by the dunes... Then a ride out near the base, probably gonna burn through some ammo too. You never really know. So let me know if your down. Vegas is happening next weekend, and I got tickets to a couple different shows, so I probably won't be riding next week. -PEACE