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  1. Stevej1989

    Gpx 125/150 crankshaft

    Ok guys i am woundering if the gpx 125cc crankshaft is the same as the gpx 150 crankshaft. The crank has snapped on my 150 right between the timing chain gear and the main bearing of the casing. I have a good running gpx 125 and i want to use the crank if it will work
  2. Stevej1989

    03 yz250f transmission

    This is the gear setup in my sparce casing that took out of the motor im currently running
  3. Stevej1989

    03 yz250f transmission

    Ok so i have been out of town for a few days i am going to upload a fewpics here in a little bit
  4. Stevej1989

    03 yz250f transmission

    Ok so how do i know witch fork goes in what grove.and what position is the shift drum supposed to be
  5. Stevej1989

    03 yz250f transmission

    Ok guys i have a 03 250f witch 5 gear is out..if you put it in 5th you can feel it grab but soon as you put a load on it it kicks out. I tore the motor down and i put all new parts in.now the shifter feels funky and i dont have neutral and the gears feel as if i put it together wrong.. Has anyone ever did a yz250f trans there self and were successful
  6. Stevej1989

    03 250f with 07 motor HELPPPPL

    How to check the oil. Does the 07 run oil inn the frame
  7. Ok i have a 2003 yz250f with a 07 motor i believe.long story short dipstick in the fram and a peep sight on the motor HOW DO I GO ABOUT THE OIL IM STUMPED MAKES NO SENE HELLPP