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  1. 82Suz125

    Guys, Help Me Wire This Stator! Pics Inside!

    Picked up a used manual on Amazon for $20, guess ill wait for that to come in and do some diagnosing.
  2. 82Suz125

    Guys, Help Me Wire This Stator! Pics Inside!

    OK, I will pick up an ohm meter. I have three wires coming from the stator, which ones do I test? I don't have a manual, they sell a clymer's one for $40 but if I can download one that would be great, I have googled and googled to find one of these manuals but have come up with nothing.
  3. 82Suz125

    Guys, Help Me Wire This Stator! Pics Inside!

    Alright guys so I have a few updates, I tried to bypass the cdi (for testing) by connecting both live stator wires to the coil, just to see if the plug would spark. The wires were sparking where connected to the coil but coil was not sparking the plug, I tried the other coil I have, same result. The wire that comes out of the cdi to the coil is not making any spark , although the wires from the stator to the cdi are. How strong does the stator need to be sparking? When I touch the stator wires to metal and turn the engine over the red and white wires spark. Is this enough to tell me the stator is good? I disconnected my kill switch, does this mean disconnect the wire coming from the cdi AND the ground to the kill switch? Again guys, this is a learning process for me. I'm not sure how to tell if I have a matched flywheel, I have the flywheel and stator which were used together on an 83 rm125, that I bought on eBay. I tried by stock flywheel with the new stator and I get the same result... so i guess they're either both good or both bad. One flywheel is solid all the way around, the other has open spots. Ive got another used CDI coming in , if I have to buy the rebuild kit for the stator I'll do that too, I just haven't done that because I assumed that having spark coming from the two coils on the stator means its alright.
  4. 82Suz125

    Guys, Help Me Wire This Stator! Pics Inside!

    PO said it ran with the cdi from the 250 but he knew that stator was no good. The stator has the same amount of wires and looks the same but this new one I have looks to have wires in different spots like behind the little coils instead of right in them If I kick the engine over I get decent spark from the red and white wires when touched to metal, nothing on green wire so I guess that's my ground on the plug side , I'm assuming solid black is ground, on the original stator the ground (black wire that I'm assuming is ground) is not grounded directly to the stator body , its under some yellow silicone looking stuff. is it possible that the Cdi would stop spark to the coil ? I thought the Cdi only affected running engines. I may have to try to to find one ive been looking all over the internet and can't find any diagrams
  5. Hi guys, working on getting my 1982 RM125 up and running, PO told me it had a bad stator, i ended up buying a stator assembly, but the pigtail had been cut off, (the plug which connects to the cdi) I figured this would be no problem and cut my pigtail off of my original stator to wire on this new one. This stator looks aftermarket, its wider then my stock one, and has different color wires. I compared the two stators and gave it my best shot at wiring, I have no head on the bike so I kicked it over and tested to see if the coil was putting out spark.. nothing. So I touched the wires together coming from the stator and I am getting spark coming directly from the stator. Does anyone have any idea how I can wire this thing up? I tried a lot of different wire combinations. Also the CDI is from an RM250, but that wouldn't stop the coil from making spark anyway.... right? Thanks guys, I'm pretty new at all this. If i can tackle this spark problem I'll feel confident about having this thing up and running.
  6. 82Suz125

    1982 RM125 tons of questions , first bike

    Thanks for the reply, it helps a lot. I'm going to try out that cdi even though it has a different part number the plug is identical and so are the colors of the wires that plug into the coil. I noticed I don't have the backing plate that the stator bolts to before it gets installed, so I bought the whole assembly on eBay, it looks pretty rough but the PO said this bike needed a stator anyway. I have a ton of parts coming in for this thing, so as I start to get it together I'm sure I'll have more questions.
  7. Hey guys , I've been messing around with cars and things with engines for a while but this is my first bike. I picked up an 82 RM125 for $80, it needs a top end rebuild, and a stator. I'm sending the head out to be bored +.050 and bought the larger piston to match, I do have a few questions first , the cdi that came with the bike is for an RM250 around the same year , is there any dangers in using that one instead of trying to buy a different one? Second , I just bought a shift lever for this bike , it was missing. Is there any certain positions it must be installed in? How do I know what gear the bike is in ? And what is the shift sequence of it? Like is it down first gear and then up for the rest, where's neutral? I know I have a ton of questions, and I have used the search to look as best as I can but I'm looking forward to jumping into this world and getting this thing up and running ! Thanks guys , I've attached some pics , let me know if you see anything odd