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  1. Andrew Graham

    Finally! A 300

    My irc trials lasted about a 1/2 day . , when I noticed it being flat I seen the green slime coming from a small cut . Stuck my finger in the slice and it ripped open like a lady’s pantyhose . FWIW I never had issues with Dunlop trials tires as they are a little more robust
  2. The fact Kenda sponsors the knockout and many enduroX races and doesn’t sell a trials tire is likely the biggest reason for the no trails tire rule
  3. Been using tubliss for many years with soft type tires . Yes it can flat easy , consider most trials tires can be punctured very easy as they are so thin . Hot trials tire setup is the Dunlop as it’s a little more robust , but the pirelli is too stiff to get much advantage . The golden 216 x will cut far easier than the HB, but again I run low pressures on the x in all extreme conditions except for faster sections with baby head rocks ( almost sure to get a flat ) I keep the tire repair push in strings as they generally work good , and with slime in the tire you can see the puncture in an instant while mousse are great , in the world of soft tires hard mousse defeat the purpose , and drilling holes means replacing them far too often for my budget
  4. Andrew Graham

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Stock beta fmf , and I also run a pro circuit works
  5. Andrew Graham

    2019 limited edition RR 6 days

    Boano will campaign those at 6 days , and sell you the parts , but you will likely need to go to Italy to purchase a complete bike from their headquarters .
  6. Andrew Graham

    Fixing dented pipes-- Air or Water method?

    Hydro force is a water pump and fittings made to repair 2 stroke pipes . You can order specific fittings fo different bikes and sizes . It was about $250 and works excellent . Honestly ,i doubt I will ever buy a pipe guard again . It also shows the pressure you are using , it varies but 400 lbs usually has removed any dents in my pipes , 500 and it’s starting to fail at the seals .when it does blow off it can shoot a few feet , but nothing like using air pressure
  7. Been using the golden fatties for a few seasons , originally they chunked ( older rubber compound) , but now they last extremely well . Shinko has a direct copy ( some say same mood and rubber ) for less $$. With the fatty I run tubliss at 8 lbs and have raised the folks in the clamps to offset the increased tire height .
  8. Andrew Graham

    Spark Arrestor for Beta 300RR Race Edition

    Mesh spark arrestors in a 2 stroke are maintaince intensive as they gum and clog up . Far better to bite the bullet and get the turbine core style , pro circuit and fmf both need no maintaince until the need repacking .
  9. Andrew Graham

    Chainsaw mounts

    That echo is over double the cost and a smaller bar length of the sthil 170 . And the 170 fits in my back pack,
  10. Andrew Graham

    Chainsaw mounts

    I just just carry a saw in my backpack , run a small sthil , have a silky as well but the power saw is needed for blowdown , I see Emperor makes a nice universal fork mount , but I’m used to the pack
  11. Andrew Graham

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Found with mine the pressure would go to 600lbs , hit the dents with a hammer to help it release . Nice thing is if and when it lets go it’s a fraction of force compared to air . Fwiw the fmf pipe went easier than my pro circuits , thay are slightly larger diameter and releasing the fittings was a pain . had 5 buddies all chip in to buy , we just rotate it around. Best $60 I ever spent
  12. Andrew Graham

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    Yes , they work awesome!
  13. Andrew Graham

    Vancouver island riders?

    I’m from mid isle and help with the Vancouver island dirt riders association. If your on faceboook we have The VIHSS page ( Vancouver Island hare scrambles series ) along with dirtbiker..ca . Usually ride at whiskey creek ( north of qualicum) and the single track all over the island
  14. showing a torn apart bell helmet doesn’t prove anything about price or weight . But I will trust the current lightweight helmets that use modern composites far more than the common fibreglass helmets
  15. Andrew Graham

    P-Tech Pipe Guard & FMF Fatty

    Fwiw my pro circuit works pipe will not fit the force pipe - skid plate guard . It sits slightly higher but is also larger in a few spots . Too bad as I like the power delivery better , but also like the protection .