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  1. Found with mine the pressure would go to 600lbs , hit the dents with a hammer to help it release . Nice thing is if and when it lets go it’s a fraction of force compared to air . Fwiw the fmf pipe went easier than my pro circuits , thay are slightly larger diameter and releasing the fittings was a pain . had 5 buddies all chip in to buy , we just rotate it around. Best $60 I ever spent
  2. Yes , they work awesome!
  3. I’m from mid isle and help with the Vancouver island dirt riders association. If your on faceboook we have The VIHSS page ( Vancouver Island hare scrambles series ) along with . Usually ride at whiskey creek ( north of qualicum) and the single track all over the island
  4. showing a torn apart bell helmet doesn’t prove anything about price or weight . But I will trust the current lightweight helmets that use modern composites far more than the common fibreglass helmets
  5. Fwiw my pro circuit works pipe will not fit the force pipe - skid plate guard . It sits slightly higher but is also larger in a few spots . Too bad as I like the power delivery better , but also like the protection .
  6. I have a 2015 300rr re that I turned over to my son and then got a 2017 rr . The rr race edition has closed chamber forks , the rr open . Tons of threads and opinions on Sachs forks if you want to search . My personal experience is that I had the closed chambers redone to make them more single track friendly . When I got the open chambers they were as good as the modded closed chambers out of the box . That’s riding terrain that I’m in 1-3 gear as a general rule , If your on faster terrain or moto tracks the closed is the way to go . Otherwise it’s very little difference in the two bikes .
  7. After reading this it seems most are paranoid about topping up the reservoir . Mines a 17 ,works perfect . Still trying to figure why the diodes get so corroded in some areas , it’s rainforests here and mine look new .
  8. One of our local racers had a crack develop at the steering head , Beta replaced the frame no problem . If my memory is correct a my2016 . Don’t kid yourselves , cracked frames can come on any bike due to production variances and just the abuse they take . I seen many examples , but was impressed by how quickly this particular case was sorted .
  9. I use a silicone on the tubliss. Is there an advantage to the slime? Slime plugs small leaks and will show you the cut as it will be green. If you carry a small plug kit it’s easy to repair on the trail as well
  10. My experience is the beta still needs a kicker . Starter is real good but battery issues can crop up regularly . Once the bikes over a season or two old it’s also hard to justify replacing a “good” battery until the sting of it leaving you stranded makes you replace it.
  11. I’d point out the new trials bike is the same as the old pre Torrot trials . That alone shows it’s the “same”company with a new owner , rather than the comparison the new Husqvarna is a new company with an old name
  12. While you could get a shorter shifter, you will find trials bikes have the shifters fwd and are usually ridden in the gear you planned on .( the old school bultacos used to install them straight up to keep them out of harms way ).That’s also why many jump all over poor gear spacing and transmission performance on many brands , but they were not designed to be shifting like a Motocross bike . The design is you walk the section and organize in your mind how to ride it and what gear you will be in . Rarely do you see trials competitions where riders change gear while moving
  13. Add the pro circuit works pipe if you want sexy
  14. Tc2 is pretty close to the pro circuit 296 in shape and neither use a screen
  15. Have the pro circuit and the beta FMF shorty ,very little difference power or noise wise . Aesthetically I like the shorty better