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  1. I bought a 4 wheeler brand new 2014 400 ex it smokes when i first start it the dealer says its possibly condensation what is your take on this guys?
  2. Im 100 percent sure the water pump works i have to check timing though after that idk what else it could be
  3. Put 2 different gaskets on top end to check i have a tusk radiator cap with thermostat it will run at 150 fpr about 3 to 5 min then it jumps to 230ish then 250 and starts surging the shop that built the bike is actually not a good shop but i didn't know at the time and the piston clearance is good rings are right i just dont know what else to do with this thing
  4. No the head didn't fix it ive done jetting engine ice new gpi rads new water pump new hose new everything im running 32 to 1 hp2 Everything is torque to specs
  5. Replaced the head a week ago to make sure it starts it runs fine about 3 mins inn it will do a idle surge then puke coolant out of overflow
  6. I have a 1996 cr 250 bought blown up local shop rebuilt it with hot rods crank new jug new piston new radiators new water pump. Ok so day one it overheated never had the chance to take it back figured it was jetting well it wasnt what i have checked leak down test spark plug Piston clearance rad flush reeds jetting. So my ? Is will timing bad cdi or what else could cause it to over heat please help