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    New to me 2002 CRF450R

    Thanks man, I'm a Honda guy as well. I started as a kid on a CT70! I found mine on Craigslist for $2200 and talked him down to $1750 with all the parts. Unfortunately 10 min on my first ride I heard noise in my engine. After some research I believe the cam chain tensioner failed. I don't really have the time/skill to mess around with it and took it over to a local Honda power sports dealership for a diagnosis. I will let them fix it for me. I was pretty mad at first because I felt like I had a quick one pulled on me but the more I think about it, it's just an old bike and it was barley ridden by the previous owner for the last 4 years. It makes sense that something would fail on it. I don't mind dumping a little more cash into this bike so it will be reliable the whole time I have it. I ordered an hour meter so I can keep track of the time after it's fixed.
  2. Jonnymac213

    Looking for riding buddies in the Stockton area.

    I have the same trailer I'm going to use with a Pontiac grandprix this summer. I have it set up for one bike or two. Glad to see other people found this great cheap trailer too!
  3. Jonnymac213

    2002 CRF450R engine noise

    Thanks for the quick replies, I've had a few other people say they think it's the cam chain too. I'll get a new chain and tensioner hopefully that'll take care of it. I don't think it has caused any further damage, I only let it idle for a minute or so after it started making the noise.
  4. Jonnymac213

    2002 CRF450R engine noise

    It stalled after 10 minutes of riding and I was not able to start it again until it had completely cooled off a couple hours later.
  5. Jonnymac213

    2002 CRF450R engine noise

    I bought 2002 CRF450R from a craigslist deal and it now has a clattering sound coming from the engine. It sounded normal until 10 minutes into my very first ride. All I've done is change the oil on both sides and oil filter, new air filter, new spark plug, new coolant. I'll add a link to a video. Let me know what you think, all input is appreciated! http://vid1077.photobucket.com/albums/w470/jonnymac213/IMG_5252_zpspczxnj2w.mp4
  6. Hello everyone, just wanted to share my new bike. Got a great deal on a 2002 CRF450R! The previous owner put on a rekluse clutch, new steering stem, and newer front and rear suspension. I got all of the original parts with the bike. I have 2 seats and 3 gas tanks (two oversized tanks) and two sets of plastics. I could get more than half my money back if I sell the extra parts on eBay. This is a big upgrade from my CRF230F, I can’t wait for some nice weather to get out and ride. I rode my buddies 450 a few times before I upgraded to one so I knew what to expect power wise. I added the #5’s because I realized this bike looks almost identical to a toy bike I’ve had since I was about 9 years old haha . Happy riding everyone!