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  1. DIY Channel

    Need Help Deciding

    I like to hear experiences from both owners. But overall ,I think I am going with the enduro.
  2. DIY Channel

    Need Help Deciding

    Well ,I posted another thread asking if a guy selling a WR450F was a good deal. He keeps texting me of the course of the weeks slowly lowering the price. He's now at 5300, with sets of both off and on tires, new battery,yz450 exhaust on it,race ecu from Yamaha with gytr tuner,and he will throw in 2 helmets(probably wont fit me anyways) ,Alpine Star boots,leather track suit,and another Jacket. IDK how many items this guy has.He'll even throw in extra oil filters. But I have been looking at Huskys and saw that the 701 has 74 hp at the crank. Yes 5 grand more,but damn that bike fits my needs. The WR would probably fit my needs as well. I told him I dont need all the gear,so IDK. How you guys like the WR450F? 701 /501 owners chime in as well please. Yes Im a power/speed addict . Thanks guys!
  3. DIY Channel

    701 first ride report

  4. DIY Channel

    Need a Bike

    Yep. True ever so true. I trip out on the people here,and I am from here. He text me today asking how about 5800. I said no 4500 still. He didnt text back. I think I am just going to finance something this summer. IDK yet. Thanks for the replies and advice guys.
  5. DIY Channel

    Need a Bike

    Yea indeed. I was also thinking about the drz 400sm. Found one new in Phoenix for 5800 plus tax etc. Might go that route. Little less power but still decent.
  6. DIY Channel

    Need a Bike

    Hence what I did. He offered to show me the bike SAt. Yea a bit high. Set of both streets and dirt tires. I offered 4500 but he stated no way it ost him 8 k to buiild the bike. Im assuming he also means the price of the bike when he says that. lol
  7. DIY Channel

    Need a Bike

    It is a 2012. Im in El Paso. Just one locally. Found one on craigslist Phoenix for 4200. But then I need a uhaul ,doesnt have the tires,etc.
  8. DIY Channel

    Need a Bike

    Hello, well Im in need of a decently powered dual purpose bike. The wr450f has my eye. Fuel injected. Found one on my local craigslist for 6k. Has new knobbies,street tires ,race tuner from yamaha included,new front brake pads as well as new battery. 6k a good deal or should I negotiate?