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  1. Bruce78

    250f or 450f & Carb or EFI

    Definately start off with the 250f. 450 will tire u out quick and will get you in trouble quick without your basics being solid. Cant go wrong with the YZ. As far as efi vs carb ive only had experience with the carb
  2. Bruce78

    250 two stroke too much?

    Best thing would be to try to see if you could try out someone's 250 to see if its something you could handle. But i think since youve been on the 125 for so long you could handle it
  3. Can u plate the Husky? Im looking for a bike to ride in the Pine Barrens but want to get something plated to stay legal unless that's not a big deal out there . I dont know my way aroumd them yet but plan to get acquainted with them real soon.id love to go 2 stroke and Im 20 minutes from the pines
  4. Im still waiting on my plate. Should be here by next week
  5. Bruce78

    Transferring Title

    Hey guys, ill be buying a used bike on Saturday ans tje guy jas a PA title in his name. I am from NJ and was wondering what steps have to be taken to have it legally transferred to my name. And Does a notary have to be involved?
  6. Good advice. Thanks for chiming in
  7. This has been the most tiring process ever. Im so tired of sellers giving me attitude when asking simple questions and sellers not returning emails or messages. Its as if they dont even want to sell their damn bikes. I tjought it would be pretty simple ( hello im interested in the bike, ask a few questions such as title,owner,top end,valves and haggle the price a little)
  8. Bruce78

    looking for riders in SJ Wharton

    I would like to start riding here with some people on weekends since im only about 25 min from Atsion,when i get my bike in the next few weeks. Will post when i get set and plated.
  9. I am from the the general area and am just starting out in a few weeks. Looking to meet up with riders in the area
  10. Bruce78

    Do you ride alone?

    As im just starting out riding i dont know anyone that rides so im going to have to start riding alone. Whats a good way to meet new riders to ride with when youre new to the scene?
  11. Bruce78

    KTM 250SX for $3500

    Sound like a good deal? I was going to go 4 stroke but the reviews on this bike seem to be great. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the tips man. I have a checklist made for when i go to look at these used bikes. All of these are on there. Taking a hard look at the KTM350 now
  13. As the title says. Found this listing on Craigslist amd am looking hard at this model but others are in the high 3000's to low 4000's but they are later models 2013,2014 etc. Can anyone with experience with KTM's give some insight on reliability and maintenance cost. Thanks
  14. Thanks Jason76. Im considering a 350sxf also, it's just they are a little out of my price range. Im looking to spend between $2000-3000 on my first bike but if i cam find one in that price range ill definitely give it a look. Although i dont know much about KTM in the reliability department
  15. Right now its between KX250f, YZ250f or a YZ250. Its been crazy trying to narrow it down but my weight plays a factor Ive got some good advice since joining here though