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  1. So the rocker shaft on the intake side seamed to be seized in the was a mothereffer to get out and required the heat gun. The exhaust side seemed to come out much easier. On a side note, the intake valve was bent so that may be some of the issue that lead us to here. Thanks for the tip on the BMX peg Skin
  2. Nice...I figured out that the thread was the same for that longer bolt but I was using a small deep well socket...not enough weight. But I have some BMX pegs handy so i am going to go give it a go. Skin
  3. That is the factory location for the battery disconnect but that definitely is not the factory button. You can kinda see it in this pic...sorry I don't have a better one on my phone. Skin
  4. Here's a 2008 KLX140L that I am resurrecting for a close friend of mine. Her son recently passed away and she wants to learn to ride it. I am cleaning it up and getting it started for her. It's a complete bike and I will try and post updates on it. For now, this is where I'm at Skin
  5. You may not want to hear this, but I went with a brand new Tao Tao 110 quad for my little man and it runs like a champ! I maintain it just like the big bikes (hour meter, oil changed every 5 hours, fuel filter, etc) and it is tough as nails and brand new it was under $600. Just a thought. Skin
  6. @tvscum OK, now we have to find out if this correct or not. If he is right I feel like we should all buy him a beer for effort. I need an end state for this cliffhanger. It's like watching The Walking Dead...don't make me wait Skin
  7. That is exactly what I thought when I saw it. Kind of looks like the washer that goes between the body panels and the frame, on my Honda at least. Skin
  8. LMAO! Yep, perfromance upgrade! Skin
  9. Updated picture of Miss Pearl...freshly washed and the Orange pinstripe Skin
  10. Hey can write on your own feed :lol::cheers:

  11. Well from that video it seems promising that there is no imminent danger. Started right up, idled fine, revved fine, appeared to pull fine when in gear...I think it's time to hang that washer on a cord and wear it as a necklace Skin
  12. damn...I will give them a look. That's CHEAP! Skin
  13. I usually try and get last year's colors for the same reason...cheaper
  14. I don't build the wings, but I am in building 004. I work out of the Tool Crib Skin