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  1. Perfect environment for the 501. I’m jealous Looks good. I have the black one
  2. We have roots, mud, and rocks. Haven’t had dirt for months now.
  3. I just spent spring break with the family in Gulf Shores on that Orange Beach sand. I shoulda brought my scooter and made a day trip.
  4. That looks great. Hard work pays off.
  5. I’d have to use a four wheeler or small tractor for that job. I’m just gonna run from the water.
  6. Starcross is my go to for single track. Rock, roots, ruts and mud. I just ordered the 606 and MT21 for some adventure riding. Thinking of trailering to AR border (5hrs) and doing the TAT across Arkansas. My riding area is crazy flooded here.
  7. I’ve be riding 1track for the last 6 months and using starcross 5s with no road riding. With all of the recent rain, I have been thinking of putting the mini-adventure gear back on her.
  8. Here is mine. I google it as well (internet doesn’t lie), and the ones I saw were on like mine. I guess it doesn’t really matter, you keep doing you.
  9. Keep that girl... We are doing the COBDR route from Telluride to Steamboat (850 miles or so), but next time I will have a basecamp. Tonight we camp at Sylvan Lake.
  10. I rode the shit out of mine.