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  1. triple111

    Blown 01 RM125, what is a good deal?

    I was ignoring the plastics, figured they could be just swapped or something. But you're right the frame is different.
  2. triple111

    Blown 01 RM125, what is a good deal?

    No,this is an example picture to compare an 01 to the picture I posted. I've worked on my ZX6R, so I'm not worried about fixing it up
  3. triple111

    Blown 01 RM125, what is a good deal?

    I'm looking at some pictures and I'm confused, because the chain guard is a 2001, which is different than the older style vertical one. But his forks are on wrong, what the heck is this bike!
  4. triple111

    Blown 01 RM125, what is a good deal?

    $500 is what I want to get it for, I was gonna start at $400 (some of my dirt bike friends said they wouldn't take it for more than $350). I'm just trying to figure out a price thats not insulting but makes sense for the current condition, which is mostly unknown. Obviously I'm willing to risk more for a lower price.
  5. What i'm looking for right now is a 2 stroke beater bike that I can work on, learn how to fix and thrash around with about $500-800 investment. I don't care if it isn't pretty, just something that can be reasonably reliable and cheap to fix. So i've been looking at RM/YZ/KX/CR 125s and 250s, and they seem all horribly overpriced on craigslist, like 1990, non running, beat to shit needing new tires for $1500. And this is in a state where dirt bikes are basically illegal to ride anywhere. Anyway, I found this listed on FB about 5 months ago, listing said I messaged him and he says the top end is blown now, rode it 4 times and didnt know how many hours since rebuild, and hes asking about $650 for it. NADA says average retail is $535. It appeals to me because it has newer tires and looks relatively clean. What would you guys say is a reasonable price? I'm gonna do the rebuild myself. Also, in general for 1990s-early 2000's 125s and 250s, what is a reasonable price range that you realistically think people should be taking?