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    1971 TS250

    All the TS owners must be on hiatus... Some other research shows that the TS400 Apache came with a 21" front wheel and it appears that the backing plate matches the 19" wheel and is exactly the same in fact so looks like one question is answered.
  2. AbnMike

    1971 TS250

    One other question I'm curious about - the flywheel has 185 written on it in grease pencil. Just wondering if this is a lighter flywheel than came stock on the 71 TS250. I mean it works, so just curious if it was upgraded with a lighter one or if they're all the same.
  3. AbnMike

    1971 TS250

    Hey guys, first post here. I picked up a 1971 Suzuki TS250 for use in AHRMA Vintage Cross Country (I also have a 1983 Husqvarna 250WR for use in the GP class). Looking for some information and suggestions on it as I have never owned one of these (I've had a slew of old 2 strokes, mostly road bikes like RD350/400s, and a few very old Vespas and Lambrettas). I'll try to break up my questions so they're easy to answer. It does not have the street kit and never will as it's off road only. 1: It's missing the stock airbox. It came with a crappy huge K&N style filter on it that is long past its prime. Since the original airbox set up seems to be unobtainable, what are you guys running as an aftermarket air filter set up? (It has the stock Mikuni round-slide carb). 2: It came with brand new Pirelli tires, but they're for flat-tracking. Where can I source a good 4.00x19 front off-road tire? The rear should be easy enough to source as it's 18" 3: If the better choice is a new 21" rim for the front to run a larger front tire, where is a good source for rims (front and rear)? Do they make lighter rims that fit this bike to reduce some spinning weight? Both mine may even be out of true so rather than paying to have them trued up (they have some pitting too) I'm open to new front and rear rims that my brakes can fit into without a lot of modification. If the suggestion is new front and rear rims, would I need the brake set up from a different bike, too? 4: Fork Oil - what are you guys running? The forks have some slight pitting but going to try to clean that up with some 1500 grit, unless someone has a better suggestion for front forks that work well without a lot of fabrication (looking for bolt on here if possible) 5: The front sprocket is a 14t and the rear is 48. That's probably decent enough for cross country (plus Ive been out of the dirt bike game for 20 years so I'm old, fat, and slow). 6: I need new front and rear brake shoes. They seem easy enough to source but if someone has a suggestion for better ones that help it slow at least (because it doesn't want to stop) I'm all ears (or eyes). 7: What are you running for oil in the transmission? Is straight 30w appropriate? Any suggestions on something easier to source? 8: What are you guys running for good aftermarket rear shocks? I need to stay within AHRMA guidelines so pretty limited there. Looking forward to your replies and patience as I work through this. Also want to be able to start riding it and practicing within a month or so. Yes it runs well, so I'm not going to go crazy on any cylinder porting. I know there is a hop-up kit for these but they're rarer than pet tigers, but I'll keep my eye out for that, too. Here are a couple pics. Picked it up yesterday. No one ever taught me to leave well enough alone.