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  1. So sick. Love the whole set up.
  2. Wow you did it all! We werent allowed to look in your direction. you are lucky Sir! We were an all male class so we got lucky there, lots of old school ways during my stay. None of the crap these libtards have today. No safe spaces, no ratting each other out. I got my ass beat plenty but they became my best friends. I did however get pulled a lot. Walked from Charleston to Spartanburg in Tours. Sat many cons. I was the "cool pvt" lol. It is a shit show now. Recruits wanting to wear hijabs or change the uniform, snitching, etc. Liberal arts college now. I did a drive through in July of 2015 and was disgusted. It is overload brother! I wish someone would make it a private college. I will have to say the class of 09 and 10 probably got the last real bit of old corps. That's because I helped raise them. [emoji38]
  3. You would be correct sir! Alpha Co. 08. You?
  4. Sick, I'm in ground school. Really need to get on it. Always wanted to fly.
  5. That's like the 4th picture on Google when you type marijuana fields though. So...
  6. If you are in California, then yes, that could be great for both of us!
  7. I have my BA in Criminal Justice from the best Military College in the south east. I published a book and worked many jobs. I would say college is overrated and overpriced even though I learned a lot and enjoyed it. But now I do this... that should tell you something. Lol
  8. I would! Whether it is agricultural, hemp plastics, medical, industrial etc. Everything made from plastic can be made from hemp. There are hemp foods and fuels as well. It's all up for grabs right now.
  9. Robots can also repair electronics, keep that in mind.
  10. I'm not really into smoking or weed either. I am into money however. I ski, mountain bike, and fool around with my dirtbike, or ride sleds in my spare time. I come and go as I want. I make decent money enjoying life here in South Lake Tahoe. But hey, if you wanna play with power lines instead go for it. I'm just letting you know that this is a multi billion dollar industry and it is your generation that will be the next millionaires. I would say prepare for it or don't. It will happen either way. Good luck!!! Catch that wave!
  11. I own a medical marijuana delivery service in CA. I highly recommend getting into this field in some way. It is the new gold rush, the "green rush" get into it asap. Either farming, sales, making concentrates etc. It is growing extremely fast and will be legal everywhere sooner than you think. Don't waste time.
  12. Hoping I can finish mine before the snow melts
  13. Awesome! Thanks, that's what I wanted to know, the Chinese ones. I can't find any NOS or good condition OEM. Just wanted to see if anyone knew if they worked good. I don't mind that they look different. Couldn't find any reviews. Thanks!
  14. My 93 rebuild so far.