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  1. ok, well dug into the carb, and found out that there is a chewed up small oring inside of where the air/fuel mixture screw goes... im positive this is blocking fuel and letting more air in which is causing the bike to overheat fairly easy and with the problem of no response to adjusting the screw. am i right?
  2. is it supposed to have a purpose? i mean it doesnt have an o ring, but i tried the new pilot jet which was a stock 40 (42) and still no budge. it just backfires alot not. i am starting to think these valve shims are the culprit. i am thinking that they are not closing all the way which is the reason for this problem. could it cause the bike to not be able to run without a richener?
  3. yeah, took it apart but didnt look at the position of it, possibly the problem, but is there supposed to be an oring around the circular part??
  4. im not sure, i can check, but wouldnt it not fit if its upside doen or would it still go in and cause a problem?
  5. do i get a different sized jet or leave it stock? and does it cause coolant overflow? idk if its doing tht because of overheading from the clogged pilot jet, but i hope it could be that.
  6. i really dont know what i got myself into, i bought a 2003 yz250 f, had plenty of problems, so i bought cheap chinese gaskets, wouldnt change, then bought oem gaskets, oem piston, new plug, water pumps rebuild kit, new mid body carb o rings, cleaned jets with air, needles and cleaner, factory jets, adjusted air/fuel mixture screw the best i could, and still, the thing will just not run unless choke is pulled, but will run a little bit with idle up all the way. i also made sure the timing is on right. then, it pukes coolant out of the overflow tube. i cant seem to diagnose the problem, but a thought of mine is that it could definetly be the valve clearance. theyre way too tight, the exhaust clearance is around the 0.008 range, and the intake is around the 0.004 range. is this the cause of my problems? it also is very hard to start and doesnt have the compression like it should have.
  7. koolcam2003

    valve shims 2003 yz250f

    Should’ve never came on here, just a bunch of aholes who like to think they’re better then everyone else.
  8. koolcam2003

    valve shims 2003 yz250f

    I did, not really convenient
  9. koolcam2003

    valve shims 2003 yz250f

    i know this is a stupid request but i dont have the time to figure it all out. i am going to reshim my valves but i dont have time to do it so thats why i came here. i need you guys to figure it out. here we go so it starts with my intake. + + + 1.70 shim 1.75 shim 1.70 shim .007 clearance .003 clearance .006 clearance. all intake are way too tight, the specs on them should be (.10-.15mm) now for the exhaust. + + 1.75 shim 1.80 shim .005 clearance .008 clearance exhaust clearance is also too tight, here are the specs (.17-.22mm) thank you.
  10. koolcam2003

    2003 yz250f unknown part

    My mistake, it’s 1 inch wide
  11. koolcam2003

    2003 yz250f unknown part

    No problem, I am reading the print on it, there’s a 12,TC,12,18, and a 5. Makes no sense, it’s about 1/2.
  12. koolcam2003

    2003 yz250f unknown part

    Wrong bike, mine is a four stroke. Lots of parts in the bike, wish it had information on where everything went
  13. koolcam2003

    2003 yz250f unknown part

    I just ordered a top end gasket kit for my bike, I know where almost all the gaskets and orings go, but there is a black seal and I could not figure out where it goes. I am positive it is not a water pump seal.
  14. koolcam2003

    2 stroke running hot

    Could be. Is it a kawasaki manufactured stator or aftermarket?