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  1. Does anyone know where i could find an acclerator pump nozzle? Mines f@$#%& so i need a new one.
  2. Ok do any of you know what belongs here i popped it out and i lost it while cleaning my fcr carb in my yz250f... keep in mind it doesnt have and threads just pops out. I also cant find them anywhere to replace it....
  3. Yeah i thought i clogged up the pilot jet, but i replaced it already and cleaned the whole carb with cleaner and compressed air. Another thing that i thought could be a problem is the hot start plunger lost its threads and it is just sitting there. I dont know everything about carbs. Where is the low speed circuit? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, dont beat me up on this but i bought this 2003 yz250f. It was a good bike just needed fork seals and had a small bog. When i got back to my house i was riding and ran out of gas. The only good unleaded gas i could find was my two stroke gas that i had. So of course, i put the two stroke gas in the tank and when i was riding i noticed the bog got worse. I didnt think that it would hurt it at all. So i removed the carb and replaced the gaskets, jets, and fuel/air screw o rings. I noticed that it has a moose extended screw also. But anyways i cleaned the whole carb and checked the plug. It looked decent. Then the damn thing wont run without the choke on. Help! Thanks.
  5. Yes i once blew the top end too but repaired it myself and it ran great until this
  6. I have a 2 stroke yz85, and i want to get it inspected because it ran with little oil and i think the bearings and tranny is shot. I am only 14 and i am paying for this bike to be repaired. How much do you think it would cost to have the bottom end split opened and inspected itself. I am aware that bearings and gaskets could cost around $60.00 and a used tranny is about the same
  7. i ave a 2006 Yamaha yz85 which i bout for $1200 and it ran great and no problems, until i blew the top end. so i went on eBay and bought a wiseco piston kit and a used cylinder. after that it ran again and probably 2 hours later, i was riding it and for some reason the bike slowed down and a ticking noise occurred. i tried starting it up but it felt like the gears were gnashing together. i checked the oil and is was dryer than my sense of humor. so i dont know what to do i didn't dig into the engine yet. but overnight i left the bike with the drain bolt open and in the morning there was oil on the floor. so i thought i should put some oil in it and start it up. and it did start up, and the bearing must be done because it was loud. i also noticed that when i put it into to gear, it was really weak and felt like it was halfway into first gear. if you guys know what the problem is, please give me diagnostics. thanks!
  8. ^fouled plug thanks for the help
  9. no i put the right gas in it this time (oil ratio 30:1) but i didnt put transmission oil in it
  10. yeah i figured it could be. but i think it was the crank. i checked the top end and it looked pretty good. im just worried about the bottom end. it seems like the crank bearings and seals are dry. thx i will look into the ring though.
  11. so last summer, i got a 2006 Yamaha yz85 2 stroke. i drove it around for a month until i put the wrong gas in it. it seized the ring and i tried to rebuild it and for some reason it wouldn't run after i installed a new top end kit. i brought it to a dirtbike specialist and he said he had no idea what was wrong with it. i got it back and realized that the ring was bent. i bought a new ring and i started up after 10 kicks. i rode it around for a day and then it wouldn't idle. then i was going down my driveway and it slowed down and started making a slight ticking noise. it finally broke down and now it wont work.now its making a louder ticking noise and the clutch lever wont pull. please help me!!!
  12. yeah i have a pdf file pulled up for the yz85
  13. ok yzdoc, i will check the crank seal and the rod bearing. thanks!!!
  14. I have a 2005 Yamaha YZ85 2 stroke. i bought it about a year ago and i rode it all the time. one day, i forgot to mix oil with the gasoline (which the ratio was 30:1) and i drove with strait gasoline in it. Then i was on my driveway and it stalled so i brought it up to my garage to see what the problem was. I took apart the jug and it was scratched to hell. Also on the piston it was. So, i ordered a Wiseco piston off eBay, and bought a used jug that was in good condition. I started to put everything back together, followed all of the directions on the service manual. When i got done, i tried to start up the bike. It wouldn't start. so i checked to see if it had to do with the spark plug, but it didn't. So i brought it to a motorcycle mechanic. It was there for about 3 months and he told me he had no idea what was wrong with it. i figured out that i needed more compreesion in it. how do i lack compression???