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  1. Drek

    Mild enduro/MX bike

    Yeah but I need to scrape just a bit more money together for the exc but still you have been very helpful
  2. Drek

    Mild enduro/MX bike

    oh yeah sorry the yz is 94 and personally im leaning towards the ktm but if there isn't other choice its the yz.I've heard that the exc250 is the best enduro bike and that in 96 they received some important rework now I can't really remember what
  3. Hello As im looking to buy my first dirt bike.I've ridden dirtbikes before but I never owned one.I've ridden some 125's 300's 2t and a exc450f.I'm looking for a bike that would be suitable for mildish enduro and occasionaly track(me and my friend are ''building'' a track).Where I live there are quite alot of woods and hills.Now I have like a 50cc moped from 1985 with 2 gears and it climbs thoose hills pretty darn great. question-what bikes do you recommend?I think that a 250 2t wouldn't be such a bad choice. edit:Would like a sx,cr,yz like motocross bikes be a good choice beacuse I'm buying used and there is a 96 exc250 for 1250eu and a yz 250 for a little less
  4. Drek


    Hello, I just saw a honda cr250 with a engine swapped from an aprilia rx250. Would it be good to go pick it up or should I pass on it
  5. Greetings, I have just scraped egnouh money to buy my guitar, but after the guitar I said to myself that i'd like to buy a dirt bike(I have ridden a few 2 strokes 125 no biggies).So this is like a pre-research.Straight to the topic.I would want a 250-maybe a 125 but as I've heard 4 strokes are better for ''''bush riding/enduro''.I would buy used max price would be like 2000-ish coupple 100s + -