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    Fitting S or SM Muffler/End Can onto DRZ400e

    i did make one in the end; A small metal strip with two bolt holes drilled in it. The only brackets i could find online were $40 + shipping to UK and had three holes, two being for the foot peg attachment that does not exist on the E model.
  2. IronDisciple

    Fitting S or SM Muffler/End Can onto DRZ400e

    William1, It fits! I bought a 400SM exhaust muffler from ebay second hand and fitted it tonight. When the rear muffler & subframe attachment lines up the midpipe join is flush against the header. The midpipe mid-frame attachment is approx one inch out, so i'll make a bracket. I didnt need to widen the SM pipe, meaning its either already been widened or there is something suspect with my header. (see photo) Thoughts appreciated here if you have any on it. I've uploaded pictures of the initial fitting for completeness of this thread, but will remove tomorrow for tidying up the remaining issues. The exhaust is very very quiet, the loudest noise now comes from intake roar and then the mechanical noise from the engine. Thank you William.
  3. IronDisciple

    Fitting S or SM Muffler/End Can onto DRZ400e

    William1, That is such great and simple advice, thank you for taking the time to respond. I'll buy the SM standard exhaust now. Really appreciate the advice. Cheers!
  4. Hi All, Long time lurker first time poster. I have a 2005 UK Model DRZ400e, it came with a very loud after market Arrow end can and i need it quieter. I understand my options with buying FMF Q4 or DEP silencers . I also understand the opinion on this forum is that the quietest i can get the bike is with a US model 400e muffler or UK S/SM exhaust. Given im located in the UK and can get the S/SM mufflers easily enough thats an option im likely to pursue. From research i understand the S/SM Muffler can be made to fit by widening /stretching the SM Muffler pipe to fit my 'e' header. Can someone help with the following please: Will the SM rear muffler attaching bracket line up with a 400'e' subframe? ( believe so from reading TT) What adjustments will i need to make to the mid-pipe attaching bracket (where the SM Muffler pipe attaches to the foot peg and the 'e' attaches to the frame) Do i just need a longer bolt with spacers? Does anyone have photos of this configuration please? (e.g. a picture of a UK 400e fitted with a S/SM End Can) Im not an engineer and i'd like this mod to be simple, else i'll just have to spend the extra cash on the Q4 (even though its not as quiet as the SM Muffler) thank you in advance.