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  1. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

  2. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    I say that bc the only nice thing on my bike are the new bars
  3. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    Oh ok thanks
  4. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    Dinging up my pretty bars. But I will try
  5. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    Yeah I am trying to get rid of the grip but I can’t get it off
  6. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    Got it thanks!
  7. Yamaha0963

    Lock on grips glued on!

    Isn’t the middle like plastic?
  8. So I bought a cr250r with some odi lock ons. I wanted to remove the left one and when I go unscrew the bolt, the bolt is not there! Pretty sure the guy who had it before me guled it on or something. How can I remove it without damaging the new bars?
  9. Yamaha0963

    What next?

    He is used to the light and simple power of an Air cooled, single overhead cam, trail bike engine. I would recommend staying on this platform and just get a bigger bike. The YZ125 is a good bike in size but not in power, it will definitely be too much him. A great choice is a 125cc/150cc 4 stroke like a ttr-125 or a crf150”F”. These bikes have the same engine on a bigger bike. Of course they will have more power than the 100cc but they will be much more comfortable to ride. If you want power though, I recommend a Honda crf150 “R/RB” these bikes have a race engine and pretty much are 250cc mx bikes on a smaller bike that would fit him nicely. I recommend a smooth transition. Going from a 100cc 4T to a 125cc 2T isn’t the smartest thing. Xr100 to a crf125/150F is much better. The Honda crf150R is a great bike to transition from a trail bike to a race bike. Remember, you are not just looking for seat height, make sure it’s not too much bike for him. Good luck!
  10. Interesting... didn’t those have one big ass radiator?
  11. Interesting... didn’t these bike have one big ass radiator?
  12. Lol..... I have an 02 model and it’s pretty good. I’d like to hear what you have to say about the 97-99 models.....
  13. Never liked Suzuki. Always the heaviest and slowest, usually end up last place on shootouts.