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  1. thanks for the advice and information guys, the bike in question is a 2008, he is asking 6400 but he said he is willing to go below 6. while i have done some work on engines before i have never actually replaced with the internals, although with a manual i am pretty confident. i may still go check it out but im leaning towards just selling off some other toys i have laying around and buying a lesser mileage bike. im torn on what to do
  2. wow sounds great to me, after talking with the owner some more he mentioned him and his dad who is a licensed mechanic replaced the piston rings and a clutch bearing. anything alarming there?
  3. hey all, so ive just gotten the bug to get a something to ride on the street. originally i was looking at 450 supermotos and then i came upon the 690, this just seems like its the answer to all my problems. now there are a couple for sale in my area and basically the one i am interested in and can afford has 17000 miles where as another one is out of my price range but has only 6000 miles. so i guess my question is: is 17000 miles too much and should i expect a rebuild soon? ive heard of people getting almost twice the mileage with proper maintenance, but since this is craigslist who knows what the previous owners actually did to it. picture attached of the bike in question below
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    2001 cr250 jd pwk swap questions

    yea, i also got into contact with jd again and they said that is weird as they ship the carbs jetted rich for the application. i remembered when taking my bike apart before the rebuild that my reeds were looking pretty bad so i ordered some new ones and im going to try this whole jetting thing once i have those in so there are no questions about anything other then the jets. the guys from jd also told me to make sure im using the air screw, this confused me as in the paper they give you with the carb they state the air screw is only for idle rpms? also from my understanding the air screw should be between 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 turns out? can anyone expand on this. thanks for the help i have absolutely no experience jetting so these questions may seem stupid but you gotta start somewhere right?
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    2001 cr250 jd pwk swap questions

    correction running 32:1, just pulled plug after two 10 min rides around block it looks brand new, not sure if this helps
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    2001 cr250 jd pwk swap questions

    thanks for all the replies. i did get in touch with them and i ordered mine last week and it got here within 5 days so that was awsome. now i installed it, bike idles great, went for a ride around the block and i noticed if i roll onto the throttle it will act fine all the way through top end. but if i get into the powerband and then gun it, the engine starts getting really choppy and wont do anything. riding conditions are as follows: 1000ft, 60 degrees f. pwk is jetted at: 45 pilot, blue needle 3rd clip from top 175 main jet, exactly as jd set it for my application. i also am running a 40:1 mixture. i am not quite sure what to do next? i want to take it out to the local svra park but i am worried about possibly running to lean and blowing the motor. any suggestions?
  7. hey everyone, i just finished my bike rebuild and went to go ride it, shortly thereafter i remembered my mechanic telling me to swap to a pwk carb as the top end wont clear out. either way i have been wanting to do this swap for sometime now and finally at the point in my build where its the last thing i need...hopefully haha. so my question is which carb do i order off JD Jetting's website, and how do i go about ordering from then (i heard they will jet and tune the carb as close as possible to fit your bike)? i have emailed them and tried contacting them through their website, unfortunately i have not been able to reach them. a picture of the bike just last week