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  1. GSD962

    03 RM250 power valve overflow nipple

    Awesome! Thanks for the info. Ill work on getting it out. I appreciate everyone’s feedback
  2. GSD962

    03 RM250 power valve overflow nipple

    This is the new fitting I just got
  3. GSD962

    03 RM250 power valve overflow nipple

    The fitting won’t go over the brass. I haven’t seen this before. Is this a normal fitting? Because I can’t even get a hose over it
  4. Hey all. So I got this bike not long ago. Runs awesome. Tryin to tinker with it and I noticed the power valve overflow nipple is nonexistent. All that is there is a small brass-looking fitting. I got a new nipple in and I’m trying to figure out how to get this thing off/out. Any advice?
  5. Wow guys, I'm clueless at this point. I have an 05 yz450f that I got not long ago. Was running fine, started doing minor stuff to it. (Levers, chain & sprockets, hot start cable, etc.) Reshimmed the valves to put them back into spec and it ran fine. Took it to a track and ran fine. All of a sudden, 1 week later, it doesn't want to start at all. I've completed a carb rebuild and have gone through the carb 3 times as of this afternoon. No leaks or anything. Put a new hot start cap on it to make sure it's not an air leak from there. The timing is still in. I checked. It will get a little froggy and back fire every couple of kicks, but it WILL NOT START! Even have a brand new spark plug. It has a great turn over sound and is just at the cusp of firing off, but no cigar. I'm out of ideas
  6. GSD962

    Jet settings

    Hey all, I have an 05 yz450f that I have put a complete exhaust on (powerbomb-powercore 4). I'm about 1500' above sea lever with a huge weather change pattern here in N GA. I've never re jetted this bike and am wondering yalls opinion on what direction to go. Any ideas of jet size? Is there a chart or info somewhere that I can locate for what jets to put in? I've looked and haven't found anything yet. Thanks.
  7. GSD962

    Valve against ship bucket?

    The post didn't load the information like I wanted it to. The valves aren't too tight. Just a minor amount out of spec. I was trying to do some research to see if it HAD to have a shim in the bucket or could the valve be against the bucket with no shim. Sorry guys. I'm not sure why the post didn't put that part in. I haven't ever actually done a re shim job with no shim. Bike runs fine, starts great, Idles great. Just a little inquisitive if it's doable.
  8. GSD962

    Valve against ship bucket?

    I apologize if I wasn't clear. My only question is if the valve can actually be against the bucket with no shim. I've never run into it before. Yes or no will suffice
  9. GSD962

    Valve against ship bucket?

    I appreciate your vast knowledge and how great you answered my question before being a jerk. Thanks.
  10. Valves against SHIM bucket. Dang autocorrect
  11. GSD962


    Hey guys, I have an 05 yz450f that runs great and has been fun for the short time I've ridden it. I'm torn into trading for a 250f so I can get better at the 4 stroke world (always rode 2 strokes). I'm trying to get a little newer of a bike with the aluminum frame and just a little less outdated. I have 2 options. An 07 rmz 250f and an 08 kx250f. Both bikes have very little done to them, aside from the rmz having a Yosh exhaust. What do y'all think? Am I crazy for trying to trade?
  12. GSD962

    Aftermarket Suspension

    Thanks for the info. There aren't any numbers listed or anything other than the sticker. I've honestly never heard of the company prior to the sticker. I'll give them a call to see if anything is on their file. I appreciate the reply.
  13. Hey guys, I understand that I'm going to sound like a complete rookie on this one. How do you tell if you have an aftermarket kit done to the front forks? I just recently pickup up an 05 yz450f and on one of the forks it has a (1) fast lap racing suspension sticker on 1 of the forks. The guy appeared to go alittle sticker happy with this thing before I got it. Runs good and the front end feels great but I've never had anything aftermarket suspension done to any of my other bikes. Any tell tale signs aside from the feel? Thanks.