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  1. i_slam_cougars

    YZ450f compression "locks"

    Mine does this also
  2. Aside from some bark busters, and a larger fuel tank and a good skid plate, what are some good adjustments to make? I keep seeing 13/51 gearing, but it always seems to be for newer bikes. Would that apply to a 06 as well? Also I'm running engine ice, but occasionally run pretty hot on single track, and the thicker stuff (under 10mph). Is a higher pressure radiator cap my only option? Or are there any good after market over sized radiators, or fans? Thanks!
  3. i_slam_cougars

    06 yz450f idle/backfire

    Sounds like it's choked.
  4. i_slam_cougars

    There's a helicoil on my oil drain [emoji849]

    I agree with all this. Hopefully the coil isn't screwed up, and it being hard to get the bolt to thread in was a "fluke" this time. I've used helicoils and time serts with success plenty of times, but I would definitely prefer the time sert where it can be used, and especially as you said, in a situation where the bolt goes in and out often. I've never actually had a helicoil fail on be before, but then again I've never put one in a place where I took the bolt out a lot. So removing it, if it fails, will be a new one for me
  5. i_slam_cougars

    There's a helicoil on my oil drain [emoji849]

    That's good to know. I thought for sure it was part of the coil because the bolt wanted to cross thread afterwards. Hopefully it's fine. I have no beef with it being in there if it holds up. Thanks for your advice!
  6. i_slam_cougars

    There's a helicoil on my oil drain [emoji849]

    Yeah, I'm kind of hoping it was a fluke, and next time I take the drain bolt out it doesn't come out with more helicoil attatched to it, and I'm hoping none of that is floating around in my crank case. Any ideas for removing the coil? I can always put grease on a drill bit to try and catch the pieces, but I've never drilled out a coil before. I've never had one fail on me, but I've always used time serts or just tapped larger threads into something I knew I'd be taking apart a lot.
  7. So I was changing my oil today and I noticed a couple of threads on the drain bolt (on the left side of the bike. So upon further inspection I see this bullshit. I got the bolt to go back in, but I think the helicoil's days are numbered. I just bought this bike a couple weeks ago, and I'm already annoyed. The bottom oil bolt in the oil filter was stripped out, so I fixed that with a time sert instead of a helicoil because I know I'm going to take that bolt out a thousand times. I suppose that's what I'm going to have to do here too. I was just wondering if anyone thinks this is possible to do without pulling the engine and splitting the cases. Because if that's the case I really don't mind doing it, but then there's the risk of getting metal shavings in the crank case, and who knows what the last guy did? I don't really trust the mechanical prowess of someone who can't even change oil without stripping threads out [emoji35]
  8. i_slam_cougars

    06 yz450f only idles after falling in water

    Oh, that makes sense. Thanks again!
  9. i_slam_cougars

    06 yz450f only idles after falling in water

    Also I noticed this hole on the side. Is that normal or is it supposed to have something in it? [emoji848]
  10. i_slam_cougars

    06 yz450f only idles after falling in water

    That did the trick. Drained the carb, and the tank. Fresh fuel and it runs fine now. Thanks guys!
  11. i_slam_cougars

    06 yz450f only idles after falling in water

    Thank you guys. That's going to be my first order of business. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the fast replies!
  12. So I fell in a creek, and I'm guessing water went up my exhaust pipe because when I went to kick start I shot water out of the pipe ?. Once I got home I changed the spark plug, and she started right up. Idles smooth but as soon as I give it any throttle at all it dies. I'm guessing water in the carb or gas tank? I figured I'd see what you guys thought before I start really tearing into it. I've been cruising these forums for awhile. Love the wealth of information here. Figured this would be a good time to start posting. Thanks!