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    Conversion to trail bike?

    Radiator gaurds, recluse clutch if your going technical. I geared my wr450 down to 12/54 , it doesn't go fast on dirt roads but in the tight technical trails this thing is a tractor and let's be real how fast do you go on trails 40mph tops, as for the coolant spitting out , my reservoir fills up on the trails and sucks it back in on the dirt road back to the truck
  2. troy davenport

    R my riding days over??

    I did a hare scramble on a ttr230 one time, yeah it's not a high performance machine but take a wild guess what position I finished
  3. troy davenport

    R my riding days over??

    Stacey, I've had the crf 230, ttr230 and my partner now has the klx140G. The ttr seems easier to ride than the crf, the Yamaha carrys it's weight lower or it feels that way, the klx is slower but turns better and is lighter. I mean you do what you want but if you want chill and smooth go with the ttr or klx, that ktm is crazy expensive and everything else is heavy.
  4. troy davenport

    R my riding days over??

    Wow what a novel, thumpertalk sure has changed. Your only 48 and 30 pounds overweight, the post sounded like you were a blue hair dragging around an oxygen bottle.. lol omg women, switch to a aircooled 4 stroke and go have fun. 30 guys who read this just said " she's probably hot". 30 pounds over is normal. Go get some trail exercise
  5. troy davenport

    R my riding days over??

    I bought my girlfriend a klx 140G not a lot of power but it gets the job done, it's light and nimble, they sell big bore kits for them with ported heads, comes with a higher compression piston. Electric start too. It feels like a play bike but it cruises through trails nicely, the rear shock is adjustable
  6. troy davenport

    Access to lookout button road

  7. troy davenport

    Access to lookout button road

    Hey I was wondering if there is any one out there that rides this area, we were looking to ride up to the cell site, wondering how the access looks