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  1. He has the right gearing on it for fun riding. I now have 20k on my 08 WR and enjoy it every time I get on it!
  2. Save your money on the exhaust and put it into gearing, 13/48 or lower and suspension mods.
  3. 12/43 isn't good for anything. Too high in all gears. 13/48 or lower is best.
  4. Thumper Racing big bore kit seems to be a good mod for the money.
  5. I wouldn't do that kind of a trip on a 250 anything. Long, boring and the bike is screaming for hours. Hell, you wont be able to keep up with traffic so it will be hours of trying to keep from being run over by big rigs. A 250 is not an interstate cruiser.
  6. How many miles on the bike?
  7. Wow - so you walk faster than most people run? And in riding gear no less? Impressive. .. and also B.S. lets see how fast you go if injured from a fall.
  8. What's dangerous is out-riding the road when alone. Would we even be discussing this if you had been going slower? BTW - I ride alone most of the time. But not crazy fast so I reduce the risk.
  9. Ditto. Just installed the Helix Racing skid plate foam on my WR and it made a huge difference. I searched and found it on ebay for $15 shipped. Well worth it!