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  1. I’ll definitely check out eBay and those other places for different tanks. I found this on eBay for about 75 bucks but I don’t know if any tank covers actually fit well in the first place.
  2. I did consider it but I am not sure I like the shapes of the aftermarket tanks. Most of them seem to be rather boxy, but I might have not seen every one so I could be wrong
  3. Alright so I have decided that it is basically impossible to find any used red gas tanks for an xr400 on eBay or craigslist. So I have now resorted to gas tank covers. If anyone out there has used or is using a gas tank cover on their XR I would love to hear some feedback and suggestions. I’m looking for something similar to the newer xr400 tank designs. Thanks in advance!
  4. From the top of my head I think you will need to figure out how to wire in a TRX or some other regulator + rectifier in between the CDI and stator for proper battery charging and maintain adequate power throughout the rest of the bike. Not sure if the stock stator for the XR will be able to handle that. While I have worked with this stuff before I don’t claim to be any sort of professional. Perhaps others may be able to shed further light.
  5. I used the TRX harness as it worked best with the TRX Stator and other electrical components which came with the motor. I also found that if you go this route getting a nice lightweight and small battery would help. I went with one of those antigravity LiPO4 batteries. It’s supposed to be pretty good and so far(6 months or so) it has held up quite well. Not sure if anyone is interested but this is how I mounted it.
  6. Any trimming involved? I like the look of the crf fenders
  7. This might seem somewhat obvious, but when I had a problem with my back after a rebuild I found out I missed connecting a couple wires that stopped it from sparking. Just a thought, good luck!
  8. Alright so I’ve been trying to find some new fenders for my XR and have found that there are not many modern style fenders made. I see things like the polo sport free flow fenders which have the modern look I’m going after but at the cost of less mud cover in the back. So does anyone have any suggestions for nice looking fenders? I’ll try using fenders for other bikes if not much modification is required. Thanks
  9. So I decided to let the play in the upper bearing go but I replaced the bottom bearing in the swing arm linkage end. That one had much more noticeable movement and since I had the part on hand it worked out well. And yes, G, I did go through the other bearings and grease them as needed. I figure I will eventually be rebuilding the rest of the rear pivot points next season so I wasn't too worried about it but just so I can get a little more use out of them. Thanks for the info
  10. I can not move the shock up and down in the frame but I can move the bearing up-and-down with my finger while the shock is out but it's very slight...still worth replacing?
  11. Hey guys, got what I believe to be a problem on my XR. Just noticed that I can move the entire shock left and right while it is still bolted in. It isn't just the spring moving it's the entire shock. I have it out now and I am looking at the bearings (upper and lower) but can not seem to find anything out of the ordinary. Any help on this would be great
  12. Just pumped it about 25 times and it stayed the same. Though the adjustment suggestion you had made me look at that and I found that there appears to be a severely worn out bushing in the brake lever hole on the frame. So I'm going to try to replace that and see where that gets me. Maybe that is where the play is coming from?
  13. When I bled the brakes I did this procedure but it seems that no matter how many times I do it the delay is still there....but I think the problem that I have now noticed is that when I press the lever the piston moves but there is a tiny gap between the pad and the piston. Worn pads? Not sure of the brand but from what I understand they shouldn't have an indent from where the piston makes contact...at least not one that will make that big of a difference...right?
  14. Yes I have bled them probably three or four times now and "primed" them by pressing the lever until the piston is making contact with the pads again. I'll have to check the thickness as I did happen to see that the rotor has a minimum thickness measurement pressed into it.
  15. Got all my stuff for free but yeah I would say that's a good ballpark.