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    2000 Honda XR200R
  1. looking to replace the rear spring on my bike. am 5/6 and 220 lbs . my bike is very bouncy in the back right now way to soft. so I need a good heavy duty spring new and red in color. can I even change the spring on my bike being that its a non rebuildable shock ? and would I need to do some mods collar changes ? what spring do you guys recommend ?
  2. well I took the forks apart and cleaned them out really good. left fork had 4.1 oz of oil and the right fork had 5.4oz also the springs free were 18 in long
  3. you were right ...the fork seals are full of sand and that's why there leaking. now I wanna clean them up and change the oil on them . what oil do I use and how much air do I put in each fork ? also how much oil goes in each fork ?
  4. got some decals finally ... not finished yet thou don't mind my mess lol
  5. if you get the guys info hook me up so I can get mine done .... ty
  6. I was thinking replacing the front forks completely .. would like to upgrade the front suspension .. what do you guys suggest ?
  7. went riding today and my son backed my bike Honda 2000 xr200r off the pick up truck and just let the front end hit the ground hard. I noticed that fluid had come out from the boot and dripped down the fork. did my son just bust my seal ?
  8. I have a 2000 xr200r that I just ran lights to using the alternator but the lights a pretty dim. I was thinking if I can add a battery and hook up the lights to that the lights would stay pretty bright. so I know I would need a ac regulator rectifier but don't know where to find one that would work with my bike or that this would even work at all.
  9. love that tank decal
  10. badass
  11. I like these thanks.. price not to bad either
  12. thanks big red ... I live in florida so its always good weather to ride
  13. can you fix and resend the link ... it logs onto your acct so cant see nothing
  15. yeah I bought mine from a 16 year old and it was in bad shape and started to rebuild it. am almost done cant wait and I will post pics hen build is done