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  1. I didn't know this is what I wanted until seeing your bike! Wow, I love it!
  2. Oops, loaded wrong photo off my phone.
  3. Installed my steel Sunstar 13tooth and 42 tooth drive today.
  4. I was looking if model number is the same or different for you to reference. Not sure if the numbers are specific to crfsonly stocking or actual Acerbis part number.
  5. If you haven't already, contact Rocky Mountain and inform them of the issue. They may have more leverage to make this right, if that's who you ordered it from.
  6. wow, i was just about to order that. That's disappointing. Hopefully they make it right, and note that this is a bad product.
  7. Mounted my Acerbis handguards, got a new helmet.
  8. I went to Bluff Creek once as a beginner last year, had a good time. There's more places to ride in central Iowa than here in Nebraska. Anything really nice is 3 hour drive.
  9. I just got done taking my first ride on my CRF. I hadn't even ridden it before I bought it. I just knew. OMG, so easy to ride!! I felt immediately comfortable! This thing is going to get some miles put on it this year!!
  10. Just picked this up yesterday. I had all kinds of mods in mind, but for now, will enjoy it as is. Thank you to the forum for all the information here.
  11. Hi, I'm from Omaha and am picking up my 2017 CRF250 on Monday.  Hoping I can hit you up for advice and rides soon.  



    1. gnath9


      Sure thing !!!  ....  I have not rode much the last couple of years.  But like always I say .... I'll ride more this year !!!  and I hope I do 

  12. Thanks for the help. I will pass on it.
  13. Is this a legit bike? 2000 DRZ. Looks like an E to me, but I'm a newb. Only thing is I need to see if Nebraska will let me plate it. It's plated in Colorado according to ad. Any concerns seen? If it's an E, it should have an FCR carb on it, right? Thanks for any help.
  14. I have looked at the Beta's. Look like fantastic bikes. Closest dealer is 2 hours away, however. KTM dealer is 1 mile away. If the Beta dealer was closer, it would be well worth looking at the 390 for sure.