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  1. I would think they should be fine. They fit mine but it was also 2001 that aluminum color must be bigger. It wasn't a exact fit on mine but was close enough to just catch some threds. I just didn't tighten it real tight. I wish I still had the bike I would send u some pics.
  2. Y is the guides not fitting. Fork to big or to small in diameter. Or is the guides not low enough to catch.
  3. When I took my 81's off I replaced with goldentyre on the front and kenda ibex on the rear and they are the best setup I've ever run up here in western oregon. I have not been east so I'm not sure how well the will hold up in the sharp rock
  4. They f-ing donkey balls at best
  5. Yes those guides are the ones u want
  6. I'm jealous that bike looks awesome
  7. That is awesome. Looks so nice won’t want to take it out of the garage
  8. Would love to see a pic of ur whole bike looks sweet. Kinda miss mine but love my yz450fx
  9. Looks like all u need now is the brake line clamp that bolts to the fork guard and ur in business
  10. I don't have a clue. Try to put one on and see
  11. I don't have the kx anymore but get a set of 04 rm fork guards and the guides and a cr front brake line and bolt it all on and ur good to go.
  12. The crown is so soft that when you get air in it the crown bulges up and pulls the outside in.
  13. So what I ended up with is the goldentyre fatty and a kenda ibex. I had a chance to ride with the new front but just put the ibex on. Im Going to try and get out for a quick ride in the morning. I really hope the ibex isn't going to be a one and done tire, any thoughts?
  14. That's the first thing I thought was oh crap because I have one on the way. But after reading the whole thing I feel even better about my purchase. I agree he should change the title for sure.