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    Retarded injury's

    +1 to that! I hate when guys do that crap.. especially when kids are around! I'm 23, been riding for a year and know better than that. SMH
  2. Hows it going guys, this is going to sound weird but every time I ride for about 10-15 minutes facing the sun especially when the sun's going down my vision gets all blurry and I have to pull over and close my eyes or look away from the sun and stare at something dark for about 2 minutes for my vision to come back to normal, Its especially annoying when your doing 40+ MPH through some rocky 2 track or going up some rocky hills and you can't make out the depth of a rock or even pick your line. I got my first D37 hare scramble coming up on the 26th and its gunna suck if the whole race is gunna be mostly going towards the suns direction.. ohh and I bought some mirrored lenses and that seemed to help but its still there! Just wanted to see if anyone else has/had this problem and whats the cure? Thanks in advance