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  1. robsandiego


    I placed the two springs together, not one on top of the other, make sense? Works perfectly. Now I just need to fine tune the carb itself. Not my forte.
  2. robsandiego


    Update on weak pwk28 spring issue: I tried placing two original springs together in the slide and it worked!
  3. robsandiego


    Thanks Guys. I'll add that spring to my list Chuck. I love the throttle response compared to stock. I just want it to respond consistently throughout the turn of the throttle. After the first 1/16th or so the response seems nicely linear.
  4. robsandiego


    Anyone have trouble with the throttle return spring being too weak? I got the motion pro cable and cr throttle with the pwk installed. I'm having trouble from idle--the throttle is twitchy--not in a good way. Takes 1/32 of a turn and it throws the bike back but everywhere else the throttle is normal. I can even just rest my hand on the throttle and turns. Sudco says the pj34 carb spring is the same diameter and will fit the 28mm. At this pont I'm thinking I'll order another 28mm spring and a pj34 spring and see what happens.
  5. robsandiego

    Ride Ride in BAJA

    Always a hoot following Larry! Some real scenic riding. Probably coming down over the holidays Larry. Will let you know when dates firm up on our end. Waiting for pwk carb any day now.
  6. robsandiego

    How to tell when my crf230 was plated?

    Thanks Gflo, that is confirmation that roughly plates up to 16W were plated pre-ban. Roughly. Of course it would depend on which DMV location had what numbered plates at around that time. KennyMc. Issue date says 02/23/17, which is when I transferred title to my name. Odometer Date: 03/04/2010 which is when I would guess the previous (2nd) owner registered it in his name after buying it from his neighbor. I purchased it without an odometer so no reading were taken when I took title.
  7. robsandiego

    How to tell when my crf230 was plated?

    FYI on my title where it says Year First Sold it is blank, nothing.
  8. robsandiego

    How to tell when my crf230 was plated?

    My understanding is one could have purchased a dirt bike in CA prior to early Jan 2004 and with the full authority of DMV, register it with a street license plate. How can one tell when their bike was first registered in CA is the question. Any dirt bike registered and street plated after early 2004 is potentially subject to DMV revocation of the street plate. I don't want to start a thread about DMV and CARB etc. Just want to know, without going to DMV, is there a way to tell if a factory dirt bike that has a CA plate was registered with that plate by that deadline. I searched through craigslist yesterday for someone selling a 2003 bike. I randomly contacted a guy who was kind enough to tell me the first three digits of their plate, 16L. The first three of mine are 16J. His is a 2003, mine is a 2003, both registered in socal. Therefore I might conclude that there is a pretty good chance that my bike was street registered with plate in 2003. Now, to further confuse the issue ( I know I can go to DMV but its the weekend and I was a little bored...) in the upper right corner of registration under the license number there is a box that says 3 things: Make, yr, and yr model. Under year mine says 2010 and under yr model it says 2003. I wonder if that was the prior owner payoff date as suggested above? I don't care what it means as long as it doesn't mean that is when DMV shows it being first registered. Thanks for your guys help so far. And another random pic just because its too bloody hot to ride.
  9. robsandiego

    How to tell when my crf230 was plated?

    Thanks guys. If someone recalls plating any bike in socal in '03 I'd like to know the first few digits. Might give me a rough idea at least. Otherwise I'll have to make the dreaded DMV visit.
  10. Hi All I've got a 2003 crf 230f with Ca plate and am wondering how I tell what year is was first plated. I've got a friend looking for a plated 230 as well. I don't see anything on the title. Anyone have a bike they registered in socal in late '03 or Jan '04 and can tell me the first few digits of their plate maybe? Mine starts with 16J6xxx Thanks Rob
  11. robsandiego

    Bad News today

    Hey Larry. I may be riding this bike for 20,000 miles or more. Better put me on your list for a rebuild kit or two. Rob
  12. robsandiego

    Riding Baja

    Good times with Larry! And a bit of a story... A few months ago I posted on TT asking if someone local to San Diego had done the Triplett fork mods and the Fox shock upgrade so I could test them out before I jumped in. A few members suggested I see Larry and so I did. Twice. I returned last night from two days of riding about 130 miles with Larry, Armando, and Rich. Now, you should know that I rode a motorcycle once about 35 years ago and then a year ago Rich convinced me to give dirt bike riding a try. A few months into it I wasn't sure if I was ready for either a ride in baja or the fork/shock upgrades. After spending time with Larry on the first trip I ordered a shock through him (he did the prototyping for the shock and is a dealer) and then I also sent the forks to Bruce. Both guys were/are incredibly accommodating, especially considering I know beans about suspension. As a novice rider I did not think I would notice a difference. WOW was I wrong! The bike handles so much better! I no longer have to slow down and/or avoid every hole and obstacle! Its what dirt bike riding should be, for me at least. I also upgraded the seat to a Seat Concepts no-slip, extra comfy seat. I highly recommend all three upgrades for anyone seeking a smooth ride with tractor-like ability. Thanks to Larry, Bruce and the fellas I was able to hold my own through the basics of middle-of-nowhere riding and loved it! Some pics...the first one is Larry with the shock install at his place. The terrain varied a bit but I don't have pictures of the single track bushwhacking which was was pretty cool. Next time!
  13. robsandiego

    San Diego CRF230F Owners

    Stevethe.....I found out about Richard needle. In exchange now you are supposed to post a pic of your bike. I hear its kinda cool.
  14. robsandiego

    San Diego CRF230F Owners

    The best way to sum up the weekend? Go see for yourself. Just go. Stop making excuses and go. Really. My only complaint was that we didn't ride enough! But that was only because of the timing of things. Larry is a great guy who simply enjoys riding dirt bikes, period. He took us places that were just right for my ability including a few stream crossings, cow pastures and even a stop at the orange grove for a snack. I ordered the Fox shock. They don't like to keep them in stock so its going to be a while. And I'm going to send the damper rods to Bruce for the upgrade. I'm trying to schedule a return trip in two to three weeks. The town is quite small. The hotel in the pic was right in town, clean, and $15 a night. The food in town was great. They even sell beer and ice...a great trip!
  15. robsandiego

    San Diego CRF230F Owners

    A report with a pic or two for sure!