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  1. Thermographer

    Xl600r Wiring Diagram?

    Don't know the answer to that, check with Ricky Stator... rickystator.com
  2. Thermographer

    Xl600r Wiring Diagram?

    Can you post pictures of the engine? May have an XR engine in it or wrong stator.
  3. Thermographer

    Tools for the trail

    I also carry insect wipes, nothing like being ate up by mosquitoes while working on your ride...
  4. Thermographer

    Need help on a part

    Good luck, when I got my basket case it didn't have one either. However, I did end up finding one, a guy on craigslist was parting out a XL600. Now that I have seen it, it wouldn't be hard to make one.
  5. Thermographer

    XL600R Stator Test?

    Best thing to do would be to call them, probably tell you how to do it over the phone. Ricky Stator Mailing address: 1672 Main St., Unit E, PMB 104 Ramona, CA 92065 PHONE: 760-787-0094 TEXT: 619-279-2890 FAX: 760-787-0313 Regular Hours (All Times PACIFIC) Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday: Out Riding info@rickystator.com
  6. Thermographer

    Fun stuff with my new 83 XL600R

    Look for it under the "cylinder head cover". CABLE, DECOMPRESSION 28294-MG2-000
  7. Thermographer

    XR 600 R dual sport

    Life is way to short to keep this up... You were right and I was wrong... P.S. do me a favor next time you are on Google, Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox look up Ohm's Law its a good read.
  8. Thermographer

    XR 600 R dual sport

    I know that there is a difference between power and voltage. The voltage regulator has nothing to do with power... As the name states "voltage" regulator. It keeps the voltage at around 13.6 volts DC for the charging system. Oh and by the way stators and alternators create AC and the rectifier coverts the AC to DC for the charging system. Generators produce DC. So how come when you plug in a 100 watt light bulb into your receptacle in your house it doesn't blow up. More than likely that circuit is rated at 15 amps or 1800 watts. So, from what you have been telling me that 1800 watts is going into that 100 watt bulb.
  9. Thermographer

    XR 600 R dual sport

    Eric, If the question was about voltage and not power you would be absolutely correct. However, the op was worried about the extra power produced by the stator. The stator is only going to produce enough power/amperage/wattage to satisfy the load. Or the OP used the term "power" loosely and meant voltage instead of current, then my apologies.
  10. Thermographer

    XR 600 R dual sport

    The stator will not supply the full 200 watts if it is not needed. It will only produce what the demand is up to 200 watts.
  11. Thermographer

    Ricky stator help.

    Make sure you have a good ground on the stator. Also, check your spark plug wire.
  12. Thermographer

    can i use an XL600R stator cover on my XR650L?

    Could it be leaking at the grommet where the stator wires come through?
  13. Thermographer

    87 xr600r WON'T START

    FYI, So you know.
  14. Thermographer

    My First Build: 1986 XR250R -- Help!?

    Wholly hell, that nut is on there... You will need an air or electric impact. There is a guy in Colorado Springs that I bought a bunch of parts from for my XL600, he maybe willing to help. I don't know him personally though. If you want I can see if I still have his email? As far as the resistance removing the valves that is normal, the end of the valve stem becomes mushroomed from being hit by the rocker. The Honda manual should be the best one out there.
  15. Thermographer

    My First Build: 1986 XR250R -- Help!?

    You will need a pneumatic gun or electric impact to remove the flywheel bolt and nut that holds on the timing chain gear, turn it counter clockwise to remove. You can also use a penny... See below. (fyi only rotate the engine counter clock wise) I used Kibblewhite in my XL600. I would only replace the guides if necessary. The screen is the bottom filter for the oil pump. Not good that it was clogged, more evidence of how the engine was abused. Is it a Honda manual? Does yours look like this? Disregard the arrows. (the image is a 1987 XL250R)