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  1. Hi all, I have a 1994 yz125 that has a problem thats got me stumped. It went from running great to only hitting powerband some of the time and just gargling and bogging the rest of the time and now it will only run for 5 minutes at best before it dies like someone hit the kill switch and like it lost spark. Then it wont start back up till it sits for a few minutes then itll only run for a few min again. The engine was rebuilt over winter and still starts cold in a few kicks. Ive replaced the coil and tried unplugging the kill switch. The carb was super cleaned and completely rebuilt with new parts. Ive tried many new spark plugs also. Im thinking its either the stator or the cdi box. The only cdis i could find for that bike were used and on ebay and way too expensive. My question is could i take a cdi off a different year and modify the wires and plugs to fit or do i have to find a cdi box from a 1994. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Luke
  2. Hi all I have a 2007 crf450r that is in need of a new crank. I’m either gonna go oem or wesico. I used to hear awful things about wesico cranks but have heard they got better. Are wesico cranks a good option?
  3. This one is sparking after the piston has already started its downstroke
  4. Flywheel key is intact
  5. Hi all, I have a 2004 Kawasaki kx250 that died suddenly on me the other day. all i can get it to do is backfire every once in awhile. Tested the resistance and everything of the magneto and stator with a multi-meter and all is good. Coil is new oem Kawasaki the reeds are brand new vforce and the top end and carb have been completely rebuilt. key on crank is intact and all the timing marks are lined up. I hooked a timing light to it and spun the motor over really fast and found that it is sparking way to late. The service manual says that it is supposed to fire 14 degrees before TDC but it is sparking way after TDC. Im thinking its a fried CDI box since its the only thing i wasnt able to check. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. UPDATE- booking a timing light to it and turned the motor over really fast and it is sparking really late. I’m thinking stator or cdi
  7. Bearings feels tight. Spun motor over with no plug in it and it didn’t make any unusual sounds.
  8. Yes everything’s good in the carb. Ran great with the rebuild carb for awhile then this happened Motor feels normal when kicking. I did get it to start but it sounded like a 4 stroke and would only start if I held the throttle wide open while kicking
  9. I don’t see how that could cause its problem
  10. Coil and cap is all new
  11. Key is intact Key is intact Key is intact
  12. It had been sitting for about a day. Fresh 32:1 gas in it and when I got it out I started 1st kick. I let it warm up for a little bit and took off. It ran great for about 10 min then it died. Carb has been completely rebuilt
  13. Hi all, I have a 2004 kx 250 2 stroke and it wont start. it only backfires. I was out riding it one day and came up to a stop so the bike was just idling and it started to try and die so i revved it up a few times then let it die and now it wont start back up. It only pops or backfires when you kick it. Its getting good spark and i just put a brand new plug and coil in it. I took the reeds apart and they look like they're brand new. It was running great before so i dont know what happened. Im thinking it could be a fuel problem even tho the plug is a little wet if you take it out after a bunch of kicking. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. Hi all I have a 2007 Honda crf150rb that needs a new front wheel. I was planning on buying a used one off eBay because it’s much cheaper than buying a new one. Front wheels on cr85rbs are much cheaper. Would I be able to use that on a crf150rb? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  15. Yea I’ve have lots of 4 strokes before. I put a new plug and fresh gas in this one and now it starts cold within 3 kicks