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    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    Meh, I rode an RMZ450 with OLD knobbies there and felt fine. First time on any dirt bike period, but have ridden big dual sport bike there as well with 50/50 on the green and grass track without issues. The stock should be fine
  2. Honestly now that I'm looking more into it, is it even necessary?
  3. My problem is that cross bar at an angle. If that wasn't there I'd have a lot more options available.
  4. Hello all, I just got a couple bikes, 2005 RMZ450 and 2003 YZ85 for me and my boys and have been setting my trailer up. I don't really want to put my fuel cans in the box on the trailer as that it where our gear is, and OK roads are trash and the back end bounces a lot. I'm thinking of mounting two cans on the tongue since it is more stable, but there is a cross bar there. I don't know how to weld so I was thinking of bolting some angle iron across the front and back to support the cans underneath. Then I would strap them to the angle iron and the trailer. Is this even feasible? Thanks for any help here, the picture shows where I want to mount it.