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  1. DeanGuilberry

    WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

    only for WR's... I would do whatever you can to get a 2015 or up. The older WR's are capable bikes but do not match the 2015 and up models. 2015 to current are sweet rides and much better design IMHO. The I am not sure about the FX as they have always been a YZ platform. They are both hard to find used as they are wanted bikes. I finally just bought new (2017 WR) after looking for a couple months and seeing little. (I saw a couple that they were over proud of $$$$$ )
  2. DeanGuilberry

    How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate

    I'm gonna marry up this idea with my CNC machine. from CAD (cardboard) to CAD (drawing) to gcode. I am gonna do this for my WR250F and build a template on the CNC to chop them out when needed. Will be real clean and not nearly as frustrating to cut nice. Thanks cool post. BTW I bought a 4x8 sheet of 1/2 UHMW white for a boat rebuild. It was just over $250 but I picked it up not shipped. Also I think black was a bit more $$. Less than 2 years ago, Regal Plastics Dallas Tx
  3. DeanGuilberry

    Carb question?

    compare that to a used 2004 TTR225. I don't know how it was treated before we got it. I do know it has been on countless rides and has a different clutch/handlebar assy and lever and bash guards and a shift lever. nothing else besides filters gas and oil. AND since it is a loaner bike the least experienced, crash most often people have ridden it. NO problems hundreds of hours how knows how many rides??? (Prob nixed now and will break on next ride lol) Have fun, Ride on!
  4. DeanGuilberry

    Carb question?

    About the same time (a few years ago) one friend bought a used KDX200 for $600 and did a little cosmetic work and it still runs. The other friend bought a China made Apollo he doesn't ride anymore as his bike constantly gave him issues and he stated he just didn't have that much fun. (prob cause it he didn't trust it) A used japan made bike is still better than any Chunk I have seen so far. I forgot to mention he spent quite a bit more on the new Chunker and it stranded him a couple times. lol it was broken when it came out of the box. Shift lever stripped. I stand by my anecdotal experience. Its not a bargain to be aggravated when I want to have fun no matter the cost. (Just go fishn or something not aggravating.) Just my $0.02
  5. DeanGuilberry

    Carb question?

    I would have sold you TTR 225 for few hundred more and it runs good and electric start. It has real parts from a quality mfr in Japan, Yamaha lol . Why people love love these chinese POS is beyond me.
  6. DeanGuilberry

    Considering a TTR230..What should I know?

    I have a TTR 225 and it is an ok good solid bike. It is actually owned by a friend of mine who I ride with but it stays at my house and my son mostly rides it. In my opinion after riding it quite a few times it is a great, reliable, climb almost anything general purpose bike. For the most part it is boring. I have more fun riding the TTR than not riding anything at all but compared to my WR250F (or any other modern enduro bike) it is just way too tame. I actually have a harder time on the TTR due to the soft suspension and deflection. Positives: I NEVER have to spend big $$ on it just change the oil and filters and ride it. Sits low for learning and people who are under 6' . Great loaner bike for the tag along friend. Negatives: Slow and heavy, just so so old style suspension. Once you ride for a few weeks you will want a lot more HP and better suspension. My son had never ridden before the TTR and now wants more bike after a few rides. (like 10 or 12)
  7. DeanGuilberry

    Little ball came out of motor from the clutch side

    Now that it appears you have your problem solved Some humor. I am saving up for a new bike with the Turbo Encabulator pre installed lol
  8. DeanGuilberry

    YZ85 ran out of fuel and now it won’t start

    I also had a bad spark plug wire that would run ok at low RPM but when I revved it up it would arc to the engine case and miss and run weak.
  9. DeanGuilberry

    YZ85 ran out of fuel and now it won’t start

    I am surprised no one told you to do the most simple thing. Sounds like it is starving. Pull the fuel line off of the carb and put it into a collection can. Turn on and see if if flows fast. I had a YZ125 that cut out like that and all it was was a piece of crud in the petcock valve, I took the petcock apart and cleaned it and it ran perfect. How I figured it out was it ran fine on reserve but on normal run it would cut out if I needed to use a lot of fuel (WOT etc) Just a thought
  10. DeanGuilberry


    Your friends and coworkers may be the same as mine. My friends got great pleasure from making me laugh.
  11. DeanGuilberry

    WR250F V. YZ250F (or "which should I get")

    You will freak out at first. I rode mine twice to just be easy on break in. I figured with that tame ECU and the 2/3 throttle taken away it would break in easy. Then I installed the performance kit and followed the instructions and MAN what a difference MUCH more fun and capable bike and competition ready.
  12. DeanGuilberry


    Hear ya. I jacked my ribs up 8 weeks before the Rev Limiter race March 2 and 3 2019. I didnt ride or do ANYTHING except desperately try not to cough or laugh or pretty much anything else. My first ride back after 9 weeks I got to do a whopping 5 minute warmup before the Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro. Yep I was whipped like a noodle after that race. Ribs didn't bother me much but man extreme is a good description of that race.
  13. DeanGuilberry

    Removing stuck on mud?

    I agree, Mud will come off with some scrubbing. If it is not coming off they used something caustic to clean. I know someone that ruined a set of Mags on his car with super clean and a long telephone call at the wrong time. That bike finish is kind of what the rims looked like. He polished much of it out with rubbing compound and an orbital buffer. never looked the same after though.
  14. DeanGuilberry

    CRF230F Starter Button

    Saw a billet start switch on Rocky Mountain ATV MC. On your bike does it look like the switch is just a contacts closing to complete the circuit or does it have a mini circuit board on the switch. If just a set of contacts and not a board then most any momentary N.O. switch will work.
  15. DeanGuilberry

    2019 YZ 250F Electric Start Issues

    Also the tuning will change how the bike starts and runs. I loaded a map into my WR that did that hard restart issue. I loaded some other maps for the ECU and the hard restart went away. Play around with some engine mappings it may help and is fun to tune your bike when you figure out what it is doing .