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  1. Baxter67

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    They're entertaining for sure but one of those guys is will die soon riding super moto.
  2. Baxter67

    Fork alignement

    Lets try another video just for the fun of it...
  3. Baxter67

    Fork alignement

    This may help...
  4. Baxter67

    Finally! A 300

    What elevation do you ride at?
  5. Baxter67

    Show me some (Beta) seat covers.

    I started off with the tall oem seat but then decided on a tall Seat Concepts seat, much better.
  6. Baxter67

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    Sorry I don't have a better idea but I just leave my pad off of my Flexbars, been like that for years.
  7. Baxter67

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    Black cats are awesome!!
  8. Baxter67

    200 or 250 at Altitude

    The way you explain your riding, it seems the 300 xtrainer would be your best bet, the 100cc difference is not an issue, the 300 is detuned and mellow with plenty of grunt to keep you happy, also a low seat height.
  9. Baxter67

    Any of you Beta guys watching Dakar?

    Surprised to see Robbie Gordon driving the side x side class.
  10. Baxter67

    Keep blowing horns?

    Would a typical car horn work in place of the stock horn?
  11. Baxter67

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    I also use the red rtv to seal my o-rings better, not sure how far out of whack yours is. A good low end pipe is the FMF Gnarly and in the winter I use the PC 304 shorty. I also use my low/mid most of the time for techy trails.
  12. Baxter67

    BOANO Chile 6 Days RR300

    The new bikes are that good now? Beta's are amazing!!