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  1. Little Jeff

    Staying local tomorrow

    I'm going to be hitting up Tahuya tomorrow. Wanted to go to the Giff, but have to be home lateafternoon (3ish) to go to my 30th High School Reunion. Going to ride some single track, so if anyone is interested, I'll be at Elfandahl staging area at 9ish. White Toyota tacoma with KTM 2 smoker Little Jeff
  2. Little Jeff

    blue plastics kit

    Looking for a blue plastic kt for a 2016 KTM 250XCW. Can't seem to find one anywhere. they seem to make them for the 17-18s but not 16s. Any idea? thanks Little Jeff
  3. Little Jeff

    Check out this offer on OfferUp

  4. Little Jeff

    4th of July ride?

    Don, I'm out for tomorrow. Decided to go to rifle range instead. have to pay attention to my other hobby. Little Jeff
  5. Little Jeff

    4th of July ride?

    well if I go, it won't be O Dark thirty. Maybe 8ish Little Jeff
  6. Little Jeff

    4th of July ride?

    I may join you if that's OK. Will know by tomorrow Little Jeff
  7. Little Jeff

    Fun Oregon woods with Beta 390

    I'm in. Pretty dusty today?
  8. Little Jeff

    Fun Oregon woods with Beta 390

    McCubbins? Miss that place already
  9. Little Jeff

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    didn't know you could ride up there. Dual sporting only?
  10. Little Jeff

    Tahuya, Saturday

    You're welcome. Wait til we go to the mountains. Gifford next month Little Jeff
  11. Little Jeff

    Tahuya, Saturday

    Hope you enjoyed the ride today. Little Jeff
  12. Little Jeff

    Tahuya, Saturday

    OK, I'll be there
  13. Little Jeff

    Tahuya, Saturday

    I'm headed out to Tahuya on Saturday. I know, everyone is riding in the mountains, but I have to visit a friend in Port Orchard on the way back. Picking up some parts from him that he needs welded up. Open invite. mainly singletrack. Elfandahl staging area about 9:30ish. White Toyota tacom and a KTM 2 smoker Little Jeff
  14. Little Jeff

    Shout out to Firffighter

    Thanks Firffighter for playing host at McCubbins Gulch today. What a awesome place! Some of the smoothest trail I have ever ridden. Clipped off 40-41 miles in a matter of a few hours. Definately going back in the fall for sure. Thanks again Russ Little Jeff
  15. Little Jeff

    Home prices rising faster than pre-crisis boom

    with every action, there is a reaction. I see bad things coming. I hope I'm wrong