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  1. I use that method also, I just check it with the gauge👌. I only check the exhaust once a year as they rarely ever move and take that opportunity for new engine ice. intakes every 20 hrs move a bit every 40hrs.
  2. I do all my own maintenance, the so called pros are not so professional 🤨
  3. UH1H

    Suspension work Atlanta

    Highland Park KTM
  4. UH1H

    AJP 7

    I guess I'll take that as no😁
  5. UH1H

    AJP 7

    Been riding a KTM dual sported 450 for 8 years, love the bike. Mostly ride FSR and jeep trails in north Georgia. Considering a KTM 690 or an AJP7 so I can ride from the house to the mountains and back. Anyone have any experience with a 7? Thanks
  6. UH1H

    2005 KTM 450 EXC noise

    Yeah, 15 to 1700....it seems crazy high but it will run great and may fix alot of issues.
  7. UH1H

    2005 525exc jetting

    I'm running a 42 / 172 with JD needle. Red needle in the summer / blue needle in the winter. North GA.
  8. UH1H

    New to me 2002 KTM 250EXC

    Got a few hours on her when the shifter is worn to a knife edge! I picked up a 450 MXC like that....been rode hard, went through her, new bearings, jets, ect...awesome bike now. Will last you many years.
  9. UH1H

    2005 KTM 450 EXC noise

    Idle is too low, needs to be higher. Sounds like an RFS👌
  10. UH1H

    2005 KTM 450 EXC noise

    Have you tried removing the skid plate? RFS motors are noisy enough with the skid plate on I hear all kinds of sounds!
  11. UH1H

    2003 KTM 450 Exc muffler

    Rocky Mountain ATV Lexx works great. Good price also.
  12. JD Jetting kit will help out a lot. I would also suggest going to a honda shop and buying new jets. Never had much luck cleaning them, install new. Also the idle speed on the RFS motors needs to be higher then you would think. Turn the idle screw up and give her a ride and see if it still boggs. Run some non ethanol fuel through it with seafoam in it. You got a great bike that will last you many years.
  13. I've got an 05 450 MXC dual sported and titled. At first i played with the gearing, ended up with 13/50. First gear is a little high, the 13 tooth is good for single track, two track and FS roads. The close ratio is fun when things get a little faster, bike rips through the gears. I can cruise at 65 mph between trails. I wouldn't shy away from it, love mine.
  14. UH1H

    2005 Ktm 450 SMR

    Try sealing the header exhaust flange to the adapter. Mine stopped after I did this, use high temp RTV.