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  1. MaritimeManiac

    06 rmz 250 case splitting

    Does it say in the manual that theres no gasket? I had an 08 RMZ 250 that I rebuilt the top and bottom end and it required a gasket for the cases. I think they did some changes in 07 but I'd find it weird that they wouldn't have one. I'm not an expert by any means but I would definitely look into that a little more if I were you. Also like notorious said.. I'd be spending the extra couple bucks to get new bearings. Unless you're really strapped for cash or positive they're good, why risk it and have to get into it again.
  2. MaritimeManiac

    Opinions on 2009 Honda CRF230M???

    Right on.. yeah that was one of the first things I noticed compared to my old 08 RMZ250 was the clearance difference. For the most part all the riding ill be doing will be flat terrain. PEI doesnt really have rocks lol.. we have hard sand stone. We actually need to import everything from gravel to large stone. And as far as hills go theyre few and far between. Nova Scotia where the hare scrambles are is a different story. By the sounds of things I might be better off getting around the island with the 230m but if I wanna have a chance at the scrambles, might be better to jump back to a 250 or something with some clearance.
  3. Just came across this and it reminded me of myself. Stay positive and dont give up. I spent months in hospital after breaking cervical vertabrae and was told I wouldnt do much again in life. Here I am 6 years later, laughing at what the doctors told me I wouldnt do. Basically it comes down to you. Itll take time but if you work hard enough and put in the PT time itll pay off. May not seem like it at first but it'll come.
  4. I was looking at the EVS Sport R4 at a local shop here and thought it looked pretty good. I have some concerns with collars though as I feel like a MX style brace would provide the best level of protection but I'm assuming at a cost of comfort. I've been waiting to talk to a guinea pig thats taken some falls with both and can offer their insight lol. Thanks.. Ill see what they have to say over there.
  5. MaritimeManiac

    Canadian Riders - comment if you are canadian

    The smallest of the bunch... PEI. Hopeful of finding a few others interested in tackling the issue of the lack of areas to ride here. I've got land but it isn't much fun riding it yourself.
  6. For someone like myself, a neck brace is crucial. A chipped C5 vertebrae and shattered C7 will really open your eyes to how quickly things can go wrong. Thankfully I was nothing less then a miracle and after a few years of little to no activities I've been able to get back onto a bike.. although my doctors and everyone else advises me not to. Anyway.. now as I'm getting more involved with trail riding and farther away from the streets.. I'm curious if anybody wears collars or braces while on dual purpose. Regardless of the popularity I'll be wearing one and I'm wondering if anybody can recommend some.
  7. Hello all, I'm wondering if anybody out there is still ripping around on an 09 crf230m. From what I found online, I think it might of been the only year they sold them in the US.. but I could be wrong on that. Anyway I'm just wondering if theres any more recent thoughts on them? I found one here on P.E.I (Prince Edward Island), and figured I'd pick it up to get around on with some buddies that have ATV's. I'm mainly curious about what they're like on the street. I don't plan on doing any street riding on it, as I have a GSX-R 750 to do that, but rather get myself out to trails that can be legally rode here. The issue with where I live is there is very very limited areas to ride, and I don't have a reliable means to transport my 230M to the spots you can. How do you guys find them or other mainly small trail used bikes on the road? Do you still run knobby tires? It'd only ever be a maximum of 20kms (11 miles??) that would be driven on rural roads. I will be able to haul it for any farther distances as I plan to travel a good 4hrs away to test my luck in hare scrambles this up coming season hopefully, but don't want to go through the hassle to load it up to go 20kms away to unload it if it can be driven there. Also wondering what tires you'd recommend for someone doing the 85% trail riding and 15% street I'll be doing. I've been looking at Kenda K270 but they're hard to track down on the Island I'm stuck on lol.