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  1. Using crankshaft made no difference. You got me all worried I'm jackin' mah sh** up. Help me out here - sorry for vertical video but I've only got 2 hands. What am I doing wrong here?
  2. I suspect that it is because I used the wheel to align TDC instead of turning the crankshaft. I read the sidebar of the manual and it says only move crankshaft counter clockwise. Using wheel caused me to have to go a bit clockwise to line up TDC.
  3. I bent the feeler gauge so that it wouldn't have tension and measured when it had a "slight drag" per the service manual...?
  4. Great info there Joe - mind explaining why?
  5. Checked valves at 690 miles. All were out of spec?? Intake throttle side: .008" Intake clutch side: .008" Exhaust throttle side: .008" Exhaust clutch side: .006" <- technically in spec Reset intake side to .004" Reset Exhaust side to .005" Is this normal?
  6. Hit reserve at 121 miles with ~80 miles of gravel. Bent my clutch lever - guess I need bark busters sooner than I thought.
  7. Thanks everyone. Not sure on the foot pegs just yet. I installed the Clark tank today, referencing this install thread and the instructions that came with the tank. Things noted: Absolutely do not forget to blow the tank out with compressed air. Tons came out. The Clarke tank does have a hilariously bad blemish from the tooling (was it take your kid to work day?), but it is hard to see once its on the bike.
  8. Any significant rusting after grinding off the coating?
  9. footpegs are a bust. They're 2mm too tight.
  10. I recently purchased a 2018 XR650L off of the showroom floor. Here, I plan to log modifications made to my recent model and lean for corrections and guidance. I bought the bike for semi-adventure riding. I don't expect to do more than a few days at at time, but who knows. Bottom line is I live in East Tennessee's playground and expect to ride the piss out of this thing. Brief background until now: I bought the bike a little less than 3 weeks ago. I took it on a ride before checking the oil because I was just too stoked. The oil was low from the dealer and wasn't touching the stick. I added ~half a quart. I've added bar risers to make it more comfortable standing, replaced the movie screen tail with a low profile universal unit, and removed tank flanges because I want it to look like a dirt bike. Today, at 560 miles I changed the oil and oil filter. In two weeks I'm doing the SM500 in the Smokies. Basically, the first mods are to prep for this trip. Next I'm planning to: - Install larger footpegs - EDIT: these won't fit without modification. - Install 4.7 gal Clarke tank + check the valves while I've got the tank removed (I assume checking valves is necessary?) - Improve stock lean carburetor configuration based on the Dave's Carb Mod thread by: Remove carb Drill and uncover the idler screw by removing the welch plug, and obtain a D-Shape Bit and flex driver for the ilder screw so that I can adjust it while it is hot. Turn 1/2 turn (in or out?) before re-installing to make it easier. add #4 sae SS washer from ace hardware under the needle - "Add a circuit" to charge my phone/gps. I haven't fully committed to getting this done before my trip since its not fully necessary... Can I add it without needing to modify the stator? After my trip, I plan on doing the full Dave's carb mod (change needles, airbox mod, filter, exhaust), trim/swap fender, skid plate.......?
  11. Thanks for the responses. I definitely did not clean the drum when I replaced them - I'd bet this is my issue. I also ride quite a bit in thin muddy stuff that probably is making its way in there. Is it good or bad to rinse this stuff out after a ride?
  12. How often do y'all change out your read brake shoes? I replaced mine with OEM when I purchased my bike less than a year ago and my shoes already need replacing. Granted, I do ride a fair amount but I wouldn't say I am hard on the rear brake. Is this normal or should I do something different to extend life when I replace them this time?
  13. LISTEN TO THESE GUYS. I know its not fun for everyone to poo poo on your plans, but its not a sales pitch - its just that Bruce the most tried and tested option and we've all been very happy with the cost and results. I took their advice and was blown away by how much less effort it took to ride after going from stock suspension to Bruce's mods. You really do need more than just springs.
  14. +1 to what VortecCPI said. I recently replaced my stock shock with the Hagon and am willing to sell if you don't want to go the (much better) Hagon route.
  15. Agreed - I will clean up the gasket surface before reassembly and add some JB weld if there are any recesses that need help. The O-ring isn't really O shaped anymore .... there is an obvious "flat spot" or ridge that goes around the whole thing. Now that I'm looking - that gray crap is all over the cylinder, and the slave cylinder itself is damaged. I can see porous metal from where a chip broke off (right side of 2nd photo). Ugh.