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  1. LISTEN TO THESE GUYS. I know its not fun for everyone to poo poo on your plans, but its not a sales pitch - its just that Bruce the most tried and tested option and we've all been very happy with the cost and results. I took their advice and was blown away by how much less effort it took to ride after going from stock suspension to Bruce's mods. You really do need more than just springs.
  2. +1 to what VortecCPI said. I recently replaced my stock shock with the Hagon and am willing to sell if you don't want to go the (much better) Hagon route.
  3. Agreed - I will clean up the gasket surface before reassembly and add some JB weld if there are any recesses that need help. The O-ring isn't really O shaped anymore .... there is an obvious "flat spot" or ridge that goes around the whole thing. Now that I'm looking - that gray crap is all over the cylinder, and the slave cylinder itself is damaged. I can see porous metal from where a chip broke off (right side of 2nd photo). Ugh.
  4. Just to confirm what I read - I need only be concerned that this seals? Is this to keep dust out of the cylinder or keep oil in? If it does not seal, what are symptoms? I'd wager that gray crap is sealant from the previous owner. It does look like some of it got into the cylinder bore. However, its hard for me to tell what should and shouldn't be there. Thanks for the advice. I will replace the clutch pack while I have the motor out of the bike... fingers crossed!
  5. I purchased an '06 525 EXC some time ago, and recently pulled the motor out of the frame to address some other issues. When I removed the clutch slave cylinder, I noticed an issue the previous owner neglected to tell me about during the purchase. It appears that at some point, the chain broke and damaged the engine case near the clutch slave cylinder (see pics, please). I have noticed that the clutch does not fully disengage (bike lurches a bit going into gear, neutral is hard to find... its worse when engine is cold) ... I did not notice any leaks around this area (mineral oil or engine oil) before or during disassembly. The previous owner (or someone) repaired it with some sort of epoxy. Without doing my due diligence (checking clutch fluid level, bleeding) I hesitate to state that this is the cause of my clutch disengagement issue ... but pardon my ignorance here and help me out: How bad is this? Am I looking at replacing my engine case here or is the previous owner's jerry rig good enough?
  6. Single best change I have made so far! You guys are awesome for making it so easy.
  7. From page 1 :-)
  8. 6 foot. I probably should stick with the 2". I often find my bike inexplicably upside down/on its side/etc on rides.
  9. I got mine installed and got a test ride in around the yard. Install went super easy. It is much more comfortable standing up while going up hill... although I still feel like I could use a little more room vertically. I've added the 2" Rox bar riser/extenders, and they're almost fully forward. Do you guys think the 3" inch Rox riser is too ridiculous?
  10. Same here. You weren't the guy talking about ThumperTalk and CRF230s at Brown's Flats on Saturday afternoon?
  11. That'd be me! Lol. I think we met IRL Saturday at Browns. Was that you?